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    initial v13  
    11It is now 2015.  Let us not have an SVN server running in 2016.
     3-- And is now 2020 and we are finally trying to shutdown this.  Modifying this ticket to add the plan suggested by arma (with a few modifications by me).
     6(1) Freeze corpsvn (i.e. make it read-only), and make a full checkout
     7of it somewhere, and have that accessible.
     9(2) Use Nextcloud for any other file people may need to save. *Not* move all the old files there, or at least not by default.
     11(3) Put together a strike team to look at the frozen corpsvn checkout,
     12plus the frozen internalsvn checkout. Build a list of categories (HR,
     13finance, grantwriting, grant manager, etc), and sort the files into
     14these categories, discarding as many files as possible. Figure out
     15where else people are storing these files currently (granthub? google
     16docs? their hard drive?). Make a comprehensive plan for how files of each
     17category should be stored, and who should have read or write access per
     18category. For example, there's no reason that HR documents should go into
     19the same database, or even the same storage service, as grant proposals.
     21Process started in