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Usability of MacOS installation process

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Usability of MacOS installation process

Consequence: User is unable to verify package signature

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download Tor browser
  1. Go to for instructions.
  1. Read the block of text for MacOS and Linux.
  1. Follow the link at the bottom of that section to:

  1. Struggle with the information on that page.
  1. Try to go to the SourceForge link there for GPG Mac download.

uBlock Origin blockade: uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:

Because of the following filter$other

Found in: uBlock filters – Badware risks

  1. Give up.

What should have happened:

Follow the GPGTools link at the top of the Tor page's Mac/Linux instruction block.

Suggested fixes:

  • Divide the MacOS instructions from the Linux instructions.
  • Add numbers to the procedures... something like this, for the MacOS:
  1. Download Tor Browser and save the signature.asc to your Desktop.
  2. Download and install GPGTools.
  3. Open a Terminal window (Terminal is in /Applications/Utilities or find it with search)
  4. Paste the following into the terminal: [... ...]

...adding links appropriately in the procedure

  • Use link colors to help people visually scan through the pages. Take advantage of the human tendency to skim over text and just read the bold, colored stuff:

-Use a color with better contrast against black (the green is wonderful but too dark for good contrast)
-Include more keywords in links

  • Related installation issue that probably belongs somewhere else:

Opening the DMG and installing the Tor Browser: The application file shows a file modification date of Dec 31, 1999, so it's difficult to know whether the downloaded one is newer than one I have already.
No version number is in the file name.
Get Info (cmd-I) (which not every Mac user knows about) does show a version number, and it also shows the file has a creation date of Dec 31, 2000, which is before the mod date. The weird dates might cause version control issues but are also likely to worry people who see them.

Child Tickets

#18925enhancementneeds_informationtbb-teamAdd instructions for removing the code signing parts of OS X bundles and MAR files

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Please see my comments on the pull request.

If you'd like me to review it again, please add extra commits to the existing branch. Do not rebase or amend the existing commits, because GitHub will remove my comments.

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Thanks for your time!

Note: According to browser support for CSS3 properties the ued transition feature is not supported by browsers older than: IE 10, FF 16, Chrome 26, Safari 6.1 and Opera 12.1.
Merging this might make some users unhappy.

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Please say "typing command-O".

Here is my general feedback:

  • this document is very long, and has a lot of words. Is it intended as a reference?
  • sometimes, adding words makes things harder to understand. I'm still not convinced that the section about veritfying gpg keys is helpful. (But I realise that's a problem with the PGP standard and the web of trust, so it might not be our problem to solve.)
  • please get a ux person to review this web page, if they have time
  • I don't know if we have minimum supported browser versions for the tor website. That's something that hiro might know.

I think someone else should review this change next, because I've reviewed the content as best I can.

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