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    33The desktop Gajim XMPP client already has an experimental OMEMO plugin here:
     5Pidgin is working on it here:
     7Jitsi has a ticket for OMEMO here:
     9Chatsecure has a blog about implimenting OMEMO here:
     11Chris from ChatSecure had this to say here:
     13''"This work is semi-permanently on hold because of the license conflict. Moxie said that the public specification for Axolotl is incomplete, so it will be impossible for us to produce an alternative implementation that isn't a derivative work of one of the GPL libraries.
     15''Open Whisper Systems owns the full copyright on AxolotlKit so they can relicense it for distribution on the App Store for their own apps. They are currently licensing libaxolotl-java to WhatsApp for the Android version, but for whatever reason haven't yet done the same for WhatsApp iOS and AxolotlKit. I've been told there are no near-term plans to license AxolotlKit to other apps.''
     17''However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel:''
     19It appears that the Silent Circle team has implemented their own version of Axolotl using only the public specification and (presumably) avoided any reverse engineering of the GPL code. It is licensed Apache 2.0 so it could be used without issue on the App Store. I'm not sure if the key exchange is compatible with libaxolotl-java, among other things, so there is a chance it may not be compatible with Conversations current implementation of OMEMO."''
    521I don't know how best to represent this on TRAC, but this bug has also been filed upstream at InstantBird. You can find the issue here: If anyone has an account at bugzilla, it might be worth it to somehow keep both tickets updated as the other one gets updated.