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ExitNodes and/or StrictNodes not working in 5.0.6

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I used to use an old version of TorBrowser where I could customize my exit nodes. I would have two separate TorBrowser folders with two separate standalone installations of TorBrowser, which of course had two separate torrc files that I could customize so as one would only use (for example) Finnish exit nodes and the other would use Canadian exit nodes. This worked very well.

I recently installed the latest version of Tor Browser for Windows (5.0.6) and replaced the blank torrc file with my previous customized torrc file. The torrc file specified Strict Nodes to be used and only to use Canadian exit nodes, but after trying more than a dozen times, it would always connect to non-Canadian exit nodes.

I then replaced the contents of the torrc-defaults file with the content of my old torrc file and tried again. TorBrowser then proceeded to successfully use ONLY Canadian exit nodes.

I then proceeded create another separate additional Tor Browser setup in a completely different folder but instead setup for only Finnish exit nodes. Again I customized torrc-defaults in the "Finnish Tor Browser" folder and it worked.

HOWEVER, when I closed the "Finnish Tor Browser" instance and went to run my "Canadian Tor Browser", I encountered a problem. The "Canadian Tor Browser" was now using random exit nodes again! I closed it down and tried again. The second time, my "Canadian Tor Browser" was now using Finnish exit nodes!

I thought this was bizarre because it does not happen with the older version I was using. I also noticed that a bookmark that I had put in the "Finnish Tor Browser" standalone folder was now present when I loaded up the "Canadian Tor Browser" - this means that my two apparently separate installations of Tor Browser are sharing some common files. I do not understand how this is possible seeing as my previous standalone installations of the previous version of Tor Browser, as far as I could tell, were independent of each other.

I would like to point out that, in case in makes a difference, I was NOT attempting to run the two Tor Browsers at the same time. I ran one, quit it, then ran the other.

If this is somehow intentional then please tell me how I can have separate installations of Tor Browser on the same machine but utilizing different customized torrc or torrc-default files.

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No files should be shared. Make sure that no firefox.exe or tor.exe processes are running before you edit torrc. If you duplicated an existing copy of Tor Browser, it is possible that some files have embedded paths; be careful about that.

Also, you should never edit torrc-defaulta in Tor Browser because it may be overwritten by the next automatic update of the browser. Please only edit torrc. If editing torrc does not work, something else is wrong.

Did you arrange for tor.exe to use different ports between your two browser instances (control port and SOCKS port)? Or do you just make sure tor.exe has exited before you start your other browser?

If a bookmark is written to the wrong browser profile, then that profile was the one in use at the time the bookmark was created or modified. The only way I can think of for that to happen is if you did not actually start a new browser instance (new firefox.exe process).

Please use our installer to place copies of Tor Browser in two separate folders, make the required changes to the two torrc files, and then report back here as to whether any files are shared.

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