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    77As was stated over two years ago, this issue seems to cause issues **on the tor project trac itself**! Right now as I'm on this page, the "reply to comment" icon to the right of every comment is blank due to this bug (that is, if I'm understanding the bug correctly).
     9For Tails users that use the default TBB browser, this bug also still causes a bug in uBlock Origin
    911A proposal has been made to improve the list of TBB font whitelist / bundled fonts by soliciting user feedback. I agree that it would be a useful project to go through each of the fonts on each platform and see if there are better fonts that could be used instead. I've posted some comments over there as well about how we could potentially move this proposal into a reality.
    1113In the mean time, assuming such a large project would take up a lot of time and resources, my quick suggestion to hopefully fix this specific ticket is to add fonts-noto-color-emoji to the list of Google Noto fonts shipped with the GNU+Linux version of TBB. This is an official Debian package now: and the binary is available If it would be preferable to get this in stretch-backports as well, please let me know and I'll do my best to pursue this.
     15Can anyone out there add fonts-noto-color-emoji to the Tor Browser for GNU+Linux so I can test to see if it fixes the multiple unicode errors that I have been consistently seeing for the last few years while using TBB as my daily driver?
    1317Also, it seems as though Debian is just using the binary from the noto-emoji Github Releases page instead of building it from source: