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Tor browser is not rounding the width correctly in tiling WMs

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I'm using a tiling WM (XMonad), and the behaviour I have always seen before is TB keeping itself to those fixed proportions to the left of the screen. If you start moving "tiles" about, it ends up losing track and fullscreening itself, but not if left alone. Now with 6.0, it is always fullscreen, though it does briefly display the initial tab at the smaller size on first opening, just for a split second before expanding to fill the whole screen.

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Could you test a 6.5a4 alpha and report back if that fixes your problem? You can find it on Thanks!

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I tested the versions 6.5a4 and 6.5a6_hardened with the tiling WM i3 and a screen size of 1366x768 (The described problem occured with the i3 WM, too. I can test it with XMonad too, if requested)
The result is the same with both tested versions of TB.

When in floating mode, TB displays the webpage with the default size (1000x600px).

When in tiling mode, the size of how the webpages get displayed changed in steps of 100 pixels, depending on how much space (pixel) the TB window has:

  • When there is only one TB window in tiling mode on a 1366x768 screen, TB displays the webpage with these 100px-steps in the biggest size possible, 1300x600.
  • When I open another window beside the TB window with a width of 200px (on a 1366x768 screen), the webpages in TB get displayed with a size of 1100x600.
  • When the screen size is 800x600 and TB is the only window in tiling mode, webpages get displayed in a size of 700x400px.
  • (In the moment of switching from floating to tiling mode, the webpage is still displayed in the default TB size, for a split second)

So there is a workaround to use TB in tiling mode. When I put a window of about 300px beside the TB window, the webpages get displayed in the default TB window size of 1000x600px (the fingerprints are the same as in floating-mode, too, when tested with

Though I still recognize a few problems with this workaround:

  • It could easily go unrecognized, that the window beside the TB window is too big or too little and the webpages in TB get displayed in a different size than the default one.
  • When using a screen size less than 1024x768 the webpages get displayed in a smaller size than the default one, when using TB in tiling mode.
  • You can't tile any way you want. You will always have to watch out that the TB has the right size. So the usability of tiling windows loses a bit or/and there is the risk of leaking a different screen size, when tiling the TB in a way, too big/small for the default size.
  • I haven't tested it yet, but it will probably a bit more of a hassle, when the screen has a bigger height than 768px. It would probably need another window placed beyond the TB window, to change the height of the TB window to about 650px or so.

So it would be great if the webpages get displayed in the default size of 1000x600px even when the TB window has a size of about 1366x768 or even bigger or smaller; so that the TB can be used without putting other windows in place first, to have the right size.

Thanks for the work, though - it makes TB far more usable in tiling WM

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Summary: Tor browser now fullscreens itself rather than keeping to a standard sizeTor browser is not rounding the width correctly in tiling WMs

Thanks for this testing, really appreciated. There is no default windows size of 1000x600px. All that Tor Browser is supposed to do is rounding to the nearest multiple of 200px (for width) and 100px (for height). Having that in mind the behavior you observed seems to be not so bad anymore although it is still distinctive (the width of your windows is wrongly rounded).

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comment:6 Changed 4 years ago by crile

Relating to further development; would it be possible to include an option of setting a fixed size for the webpages to get displayed, no matter the size of the TB window?
That way fingerprinting would not only be much harder because of the 100px/200px steps, but one could also easily choose, wich webpage resolution they want to use. This would may be be a good option to prevent fingerprinting for people using more uncommon screen resolutions, too (Relating to the following site, the 1366x768 and 1920x180 screen resolutions are by far the most common:

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comment:7 Changed 8 months ago by point-break296

In i3 WM it can be changed by assigning floating window for tor browser . Add this line to the config file

for_window [class="Tor Browser"] floating enable

It will start Tor Browser in floating mode and not in full screen .

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