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Follow-up tasks for prop271 (new guard API) implementation

Reported by: nickm Owned by: nickm
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This is a parent ticket to capture follow-up tasks that we (might) want to do in order to improve QOI, usability, security, etc, for our new guard algorithm.

Child Tickets

#20718closednickmProp271 -- Resolve all 'XXXX prop271' itemsCore Tor/Tor
#20719acceptednickmprop271 -- make parameters configurableCore Tor/Tor
#20823closednickm[controller, prop271] GETINFO support for new guard selection logicCore Tor/Tor
#20824closednickm[prop271, controller] DROPGUARDS support for new guard backendCore Tor/Tor
#20825newUser-named guard selectionsCore Tor/Tor
#20826closednickmRestrict GUARDS set to EntryNodes when the set of guards is restrictiveCore Tor/Tor
#20827newRecord guards' ed25519 identitiesCore Tor/Tor
#20828closedShould we provide a migration method from the old guard logic to the new one?Core Tor/Tor
#20830closednickmRemove legacy guard algorithm codeCore Tor/Tor
#20831closednickmSupport existing guard torrc options better with new guard code, or deprecate them.Core Tor/Tor
#20832assignednickmDesign proposals to further improve guard securityCore Tor/Tor
#20835acceptednickmRefactor choose_good_entry_server so it is (almost) never usedCore Tor/Tor
#20919newExtract prop271 state-parsing code into a generic thingCore Tor/Tor
#20921closednickmRefactor global_origin_circuit_list code into separate functions.Core Tor/Tor
#20931acceptednickm[prop271] Generate GUARD controller eventsCore Tor/Tor
#20950closedDesign guard algorithm tweaks to be more tolerant when picking directory guard.Core Tor/Tor
#20974closednickmCall no directory guard happy until its directory headers are receivedCore Tor/Tor
#21006newReduce NumDirectoryGuards to 1Core Tor/Tor
#21039needs_revisionasnRefactor and simplify guard code of circuit_send_next_onion_skin()Core Tor/Tor
#21052closedasnBad prop271 behavior when exhausting all guardsCore Tor/Tor
#21421newMaybe check for GUARD_WAIT circuit readiness whenever a guard failsCore Tor/Tor
#21422newPossibly, learn more network data from GUARD_USABLE_NEVER circuits?Core Tor/Tor
#21423newRefactor choose_good_entry_server based on different usecasesCore Tor/Tor
#21424newTreat directory guard success only as a partial success for the guard?Core Tor/Tor
#21425needs_revisionentry_list_is_constrained() should look at the guard_selection_t objectCore Tor/Tor

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These are things I should work on during May, but they're prep work for 0.3.2 and beyond.

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