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ship default MapAddress for at least hosts

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Why let people already running Tor connect over exit? Instead make some known working services the default path like HTTPSEverywhere does for TLS, do it for Onions but for everything not only as a browser extension. For example:

MapAddress 52g5y5karruvc7bz.onion

MapAddress x3nelbld33llasqv.onion

MapAddress vijs2fmpd72nbqok.onion

MapAddress z5tfsnikzulwicxs.onion

MapAddress icxe4yp32mq6gm6n.onion

MapAddress qigcb4g4xxbh5ho6.onion

MapAddress lwygejoa6fm26eef.onion

MapAddress tgnv2pssfumdedyw.onion

MapAddress sdscoq7snqtznauu.onion

MapAddress rqef5a5mebgq46y5.onion

MapAddress zfu7x4fuagirknhb.onion

MapAddress klbl4glo2btuwyok.onion

MapAddress tngjm3owsslo3wgo.onion

MapAddress dccbbv6cooddgcrq.onion

MapAddress jqs44zhtxl2uo6gk.onion

MapAddress 54nujbl4qohb5qdp.onion

MapAddress f7lqb5oicvsahone.onion

MapAddress rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion

MapAddress hhr6fex2giwmolct.onion

MapAddress kakxayzmcc3zeomu.onion

MapAddress ebxqgaz3dwywcoxl.onion

MapAddress yz7lpwfhhzcdyc5y.onion

MapAddress fqnqc7zix2wblwex.onion

MapAddress sbe5fi5cka5l3fqe.onion

MapAddress wcgqzqyfi7a6iu62.onion

MapAddress vt5hknv6sblkgf22.onion

MapAddress dgvdmophvhunawds.onion

MapAddress ogv7c7bfy2s6rx3b.onion

MapAddress ea5faa5po25cf7fb.onion

MapAddress gbinixxw7gnsh5jr.onion

MapAddress krkzagd5yo4bvypt.onion

MapAddress hzmun3rnnxjhkyhg.onion

MapAddress expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion

Still problem would be, if someone not tell hostnames to tor but IP only while connecting by socksport. May possible to even add like the following if IPs are static enough:

MapAddress expyuzz4wqqyqhjn.onion

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comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by teor

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This might be a tor browser packaging ticket instead.

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Keywords: mapaddress onion-mapping onion-naming maybe-bad-idea added

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Replying to teor:

This might be a tor browser packaging ticket instead.

Sorry, you are talking about "Onion everywhere" #21952. But but shouldn't an self called OnionRouter route to Onions Anywhere ? The torrc Option will allow ALL traffic to go to onion hs not only browser users. This will work fine and transparently for example for debian repos.
DNS (DoH) as Implement into new firefox. Mail Clients. Coin Nodes. Instantmessage/Chat apps. and so on.
Can't we push this via maybe consensus for at least the known own addresses * mappings?

Distinguishing the Circuits
Remember that while one exit node can serve many many different clients, from Website point of view all of that traffic comes from one IP address. This pooling helps cover the malicious traffic among legitimate traffic, but isn’t essential in the security or privacy of Tor. In fact, it can potentially hurt users by exposing their traffic to bad exit nodes!

Another reason is the bandwidth costs of exit node operators. This is an area that we hope this service can offer relief since it shifts traffic from exit nodes to our own servers, reducing exit node operation costs along with it.

Additionally, since like Tor Browser 8.0 makes a new circuit for each hostname when connecting via an .onion alternative service, the circuit number cannot be used to link connections to two different sites together in onion space.

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