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"No package 'alsa' found" during "torbrowser-linux for wheezy i386"

Reported by: dcf Owned by: tbb-team
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I encountered a build failure in Building torbrowser-linux for wheezy i386 while testing patches for #21710. I had applied two patches on top of 10f7b53545 (the patches shouldn't have changed anything related to the torbrowser descriptor).

I had previously tested the two patches on top of bug_21753_v3 from #21753, and did not encounter an error. It only happened after I rebased the patches onto master.

checking __attribute__ ((aligned ())) support... trying 64
checking for alsa... Package alsa was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `alsa.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
No package 'alsa' found
------ config.log ------
configure: error: Need alsa for audio output on Linux. (On Ubuntu, you might try installing the package libasound2-dev.)
configure:20201: checking _PANGOCHK_CFLAGS
configure:20206: checking _PANGOCHK_LIBS
configure:20286: checking for pango >= 1.22.0 pangoft2 >= 1.22.0 pangocairo >= 1.22.0
configure:20293: checking MOZ_PANGO_CFLAGS
configure:20298: checking MOZ_PANGO_LIBS
configure:20405: checking for gtk+-2.0 >= 2.14
configure:20412: checking _GTKCHECK_CFLAGS
configure:20417: checking _GTKCHECK_LIBS 
configure:20497: checking for gio-2.0 >= 2.22
configure:20504: checking MOZ_GIO_CFLAGS
configure:20509: checking MOZ_GIO_LIBS
configure:20623: checking for gconf-2.0 >= 1.2.1 gobject-2.0
configure:20630: checking MOZ_GCONF_CFLAGS
configure:20635: checking MOZ_GCONF_LIBS
configure:21013: checking for dbus-1 >= 0.60
configure:21020: checking MOZ_DBUS_CFLAGS
configure:21025: checking MOZ_DBUS_LIBS
configure:21104: checking for dbus-glib-1 >= 0.60
configure:21111: checking MOZ_DBUS_GLIB_CFLAGS
configure:21116: checking MOZ_DBUS_GLIB_LIBS
configure:21449: gcc -c -frandom-seed=tor -std=gnu99 -fgnu89-inline -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-math-errno -pthread  conftest.c 1>&5
configure:21706: checking __attribute__ ((aligned ())) support
configure:21723: gcc -c -frandom-seed=tor -std=gnu99 -fgnu89-inline -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-math-errno -pthread -Werror  conftest.c 1>&5
configure:22643: checking for alsa
configure: error: Need alsa for audio output on Linux. (On Ubuntu, you might try installing the package libasound2-dev.)
*** Fix above errors and then restart with\
               "make -f build"
make: *** [configure] Error 1

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by boklm

Which makefile target are you using?

The torbrowser descriptior has the changes to build esr52, but commit 0d331f7aee2e13f56dfd91d343b5d45966b331c4 only made the switch of nightly to ESR52, which might be why it fails if you try to build an alpha.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by dcf

Resolution: invalid
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My mistake. I was using make alpha. I think that means the patches from #21710 are ready for review now.

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