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Review networking code for Firefox 60

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We should review the networking code for Firefox 60 to make sure the are no Tor bypasses.

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#27616newtbb-teamDouble-check Rust code for potential proxy bypass in ESR 60Applications/Tor Browser

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I wonder why the severity value doesn't match that of #21625

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Note to self: see: comment:11:ticket:21862 for Rust related things.

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Okay, I followed Mike in doing just a 'git diff -U10 esr52 esr60' and focused primarily on the new lines, looking for various types of socket usage. (Things like the PR_ calls, UDPSockets, SOCK_, etc). My review notes will be posted in the repo.

I think we are good with respect to proxy bypass issues, however I have opened #27616 to have someone looking with fresh eyes on the Rust situation as it is new and complex. I did look at the laundry list from ESR52 (see: comment:3:ticket:21625 and comment:6:ticket:21625) while I was reviewing:

Make sure disabling WebRTC still disables all of the ./media/mtransport/* stuff
and SCTP


DIRS += [



in toolkit/toolkit.mozbuild

SCTP is only enabled with WebRTC (see MOZ_SCTP in and
MOZ_WEBRTC in ./dom/base/

Verify our defense-in-depth patches to NSS/OCSP still apply (ditto for other proxy patches)

Done during rebase review.

Verify that the TCPSocket and UDPSocket DOM APIs are still disabled by pref (esp if the moz prefix goes away).

TCP socket is chrome-only via ShouldTCPSocketExist() check. There is even a test for that: test_tcpsocket_not_exposed_to_content.html and we still have pref("dom.udpsocket.enabled", false); for UDP socket.

The Rust review was complicated. There are a bunch of crates included, like mio, that can do all sorts of networking stuff, but we can't rip that out and modifying the crates is tricky as they are needed as a build time requirement and their integrity checked by hash. So, I did that part of the audit three-fold:

1) I looked as good as I could for things that could use/provide UDP sockets etc.
2) I checked where dangerous libraries got included into the tree and why, checking whether the new APIs got used there. Two examples would be: which is the cubeb bug which
imports mio, mio-uds, net2, ws2_32.
Later in cubeb/audioipc got updated to use tokio for async socket processing and imports

among others tokio-*

--- updated mozrunner: winapi/winapi-0.2.8 -> winreg (update to 0.5.0) -> geckodriver/mozrunner

3) I started to look backwards from the actual things that got embedded into gkrust which can be found in toolkit/library/rust/gkrust-features.mozbuild checking the features for potential proxy bypasses and I took Manish's great comment:11:ticket:21862 into account.

Not sure if those are good approaches. Happy to improve that process and if we think we should indeed hack the Rust crates to back out dangerous calls I am open for that heavy-handed approach...

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