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Tor Broswer Freezing, Crashing

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My Tor Browser keeps freezing and crashing minutes after launching. It is completely unusable. I run Linux Mint 18.00 (64 bit).

Details: I have the latest stable version of Tor.

I launch Tor and a webpage opens. It is then usually a minute or less before it freezes and I have to force quit. This happens every time I launch Tor. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Tor Browser with the same result.

The issue is repeatable and I can cause it to happen:
The amount of time before it freezes depends on what websites I access, for example if I stay on Tor Project homepage it takes a few more minutes to crash. If I open The Guardian news site it crashes almost immediately, as it does if I have more than one tab open.

I get notified by Lebevite that the window is not responding and I must force quit. (My Lebevite is up-to-date and I followed the FAQ guidelines first before opening a new ticket -couldn't find a similar issue already up.)

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Thanks for the bug report. I am particularly interested in the crashes. Do you have steps to reproduce which I could try to follow? Is that crashing a new thing? That means did older versions work for you? If so, do you happen to know then this started? Does it change things for you if you change the level of the security slider (you find it behind the onion menu item and then Security Setting...

Does the latest alpha (7.0a4) help with is based on Firefox ESR52? See:

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  1. Steps - I first noticed it was a consistent problem following these steps (if this is what you mean): launch, duckduckgo search 'posteo de,' open new tab, search 'posteo de mail guardian article' and then freezes after about 30 seconds. If I change the order of the steps and stay on Tor project homepage and then, say, open same search in new tab, it takes longer - up to a couple minutes to freeze.

It seems as though when I stay on the search result page of duckduckgo or tor project homepage for that matter instead of navigating on, it takes longer to freeze.

  1. Same issue 1.5 months ago when I first installed the browser on a new computer. Could not use tb and left it, came back to it today, reinstalled, same problem - tried to troubleshoot which brought me here. So it is not a new problem in that I've not used tb before successfully on it.
  1. Has been consistently set at Low (default). Changed to medium, exactly same thing & same time span (30 seconds).

Changed to high, has been no crashes so far (30 mins)

  1. With the latest alpha 7.0a4, I get exactly the same issue (followed the steps above, same time frame freeze) (security setting at default). Same with security setting at medium. I'm still waiting to see if a crash occurs at high but it hasn't happened so far (+5 mins) so my guess is, same as stable version, security set as high then no crash occurs.

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Just to make clear, after the tb freezes, the only option is to force quit - I said it crashes to describe this process, but it is not quitting unexpectedly. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

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I actually think #22362 is too recent to be an explanation for the freezing already happening 1.5 month ago.

Wonder: Thanks for the detailed feedback, really appreciated. Can you test whether a normal Firefox ESR shows the same symptoms on your computer? You can find the latest version on If not then we could start looking closer at possible Tor Browser issues. Could you disable extensions one by one and see whether changes things (you need the tor launcher one but all the other three should leave you with a somewhat functioning Tor Browser. Note, though, that disabling those extensions is only for testing purposes!)

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