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Update README to get a development environment for metrics-web going

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Attempting to set up a development environment for metrics-web is not easy.

There is a reference to Debian packages that don't appear to exist, for example I think r-cran-java should be r-cran-rjava maybe?

It would be good to have a knowledgable person go over the whole thing and double check it.

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comment:1 Changed 2 months ago by iwakeh

Summary: Update README to get a development environment for metrics-lib goingUpdate README to get a development environment for metrics-web going
Type: taskenhancement

Corrected title.

comment:2 Changed 2 months ago by iwakeh

The packages might refer to older debian names or contain typos and need an update, that's true.

Please post more of your findings or questions.


comment:3 Changed 2 months ago by karsten

Alright, I made a start in updating the README in my task-23830 branch. However, I can't determine whether we ever needed that r-cran-[r]java package, and I ran into issues with JSTL packages being missing in Stretch that were still present in Jessie.

iwakeh, did you succeed in setting up a metrics-web instance? If so, can you resolve that JSTL mystery? If not, can you try setting up an instance and, erm, resolve that JSTL mystery? ;) If not, I'll give it another try another time.

comment:4 Changed 7 weeks ago by karsten

From talking to iwakeh: we might want to look into switching ExoneraTor and then metrics-web from Tomcat to Jetty, and maybe that will magically resolve the JSTL mystery.

comment:5 Changed 7 weeks ago by iwakeh

I can also look into this metrics-web issue here first to make instances 'reproducible'.

comment:6 Changed 7 weeks ago by karsten

Whatever is easier. That's why I wrote ExoneraTor first, because it is so much smaller. And metrics-web is not on fire at the moment. Whatever is easier.

comment:7 Changed 4 weeks ago by iwakeh

There is a patch branch of metrics-web available now on ticket #24175. It is not completely finished yet, but usable for web testing and looking at how to integrate a new module, see #24175#comment:2 for more details especially How to test web related things and new modules.

comment:8 Changed 3 days ago by iwakeh

The list of packages won't be part of the future 'readme', b/c releases contain all necessary libraries and enable a better way of reproducing the productive environment as well as a faster start for a development environment. The debian packages also contain way more libraries than necessary.

All referenced jar (except metrics-lib) are available on debian stretch and their packages can be identified with the following query:

Here the list of debian packages for jetty based metrics-web:

r-cran-rserve or r-cran-rjava both supply REngine.jar and Rserve.jar

comment:9 Changed 14 hours ago by irl

libpostgresql-jdbc-java is missing from this list.

Only r-cran-rjava doesn't contains Rserve.jar, but r-cran-rserve has both.

comment:10 Changed 11 hours ago by irl

I found that I also required tomcat8-annotations-api-8.5.24.jar but this may be due to me using different versions on Debian testing. Next year I'll get a Debian stable virtual machine set up for doing development/testing on.

I also had to disable duplicate="fail" for the war target in the ant script. This is probably suboptimal although I don't really understand what that does. Maybe it's only working for me by chance.

Other than that, using iwakeh's task-24175-stepbystep branch, I was able to set up a development instance! (:

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