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Investigate implementing a Rust allocator wrapping tor_malloc

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We should look into implementing the Rust alloc::allocator::Alloc trait as a wrapper around tor_malloc as a way to have a cleaner allocator interface in Rust moving forward (which still works with our current legacy C code).

This is what the Rust code in Firefox has done, and the alloc crate is supposed to stabilised "soon" (as in, within the next six months) because FF is using it.

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The tracking issue for stabilization is at . FF isn't using it, but I would like it to.

I'll be trying to get stabilization to happen soon.

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The tracking issue for stabilisation of the std::heap::Alloc trait is here, which is probably also important since the global allocator feature that Manish linked to requires that we impl<'a> Alloc for &'a TorAlloc.

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Per our triage process, these tickets are pending removal from 0.3.4.

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These tickets, tagged with 034-removed-*, are no longer in-scope for 0.3.4. We can reconsider any of them, if time permits.

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Replying to cypherpunks3:

GlobalAlloc is now stable.

Excellent, this is great news. Thanks for updating this ticket.

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Implementing GlobalAlloc::alloc requires respecting the alignment in the Layout that's passed to it, and right now there isn't an API for allocating aligned memory.

So first gotta add something like tor_aligned_alloc that uses aligned_alloc (C11), _aligned_malloc (Windows), or posix_memalign or memalign. And you'd have to make the original tor_malloc forward to the new function, too, it can't keep calling malloc.

At least it seemingly can't on Windows, because pointers returned by _aligned_malloc have to be freed with _aligned_free. The docs say Using free is illegal. And there'd be no way to distinguish which pointers were allocated by which.

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Tor 0.3.6.x has been renamed to 0.4.0.x.

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Mark some 0.4.0.x tickets as proposed for 0.4.1.x

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