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Tight loop in async code

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Reporter: nickm@… (Nick Mathewson)

Opened: 2004-01-22 06:12

There's a tight loop somewhere in the new networking code. I'm noting this here
so I don't forget to fix it.

The symptom is high CPU use, and an strace that shows many successive calls to
poll(2) or select(2), with no change in arguments. One possible cause is that
some TLS connection thinks it wants to read/write, but that it doesn't do
anything to clear the read/write state. Another possible cause is that we're
getting an event other than POLLIN|POLLOUT, and not doing anything with it.

As a first step, I should add log messages accounting for all opened/closed
sockets, by fd, so that the next time this happens, I can link suffering fds to
suffering connections. To make sure nothing stupid is the cause, I should also

(I'd fix this now, but I -need- to finish writing e2e-traffic.)

Fixed last week: we were getting POLLERR, but never handling it.

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