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Warn about networkstatus_compute_consensus() breakage in all the functions it calls

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networkstatus_compute_consensus() says:

 * <strong>WATCH OUT</strong>: You need to think before you change the
 * behavior of this function, or of the functions it calls! If some
 * authorities compute the consensus with a different algorithm than
 * others, they will not reach the same result, and they will not all
 * sign the same thing!  If you really need to change the algorithm
 * here, you should allocate a new "consensus_method" for the new
 * behavior, and make the new behavior conditional on a new-enough
 * consensus_method.

But its call graph is somewhat obscure, and it isn't always clear when a function is called by some tree of functions called by networkstatus_compute_consensus().

Let's add a summary comment to each function that affects networkstatus_compute_consensus() output. And let's try to do this in an automated fashion.

Maybe out modularity proposal is the best way to handle this?
(Then a module-level comment would suffice.)
But would consensus-affecting functions be a good candidate for a module?
(Or two modules: authority-only and shared.)

(We already have chutney "mixed" targets that pick up the most obvious breakage. But they can't test everything.)

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#25610 makes the directory authority code into a module. That module is the appropriate place for consensus method documentation like this.

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