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Specify how PrivCount in Tor statistics are configured and interpreted

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Description (last modified by teor)

In prop#280 prop#288, we specified the counters, noise, and secure aggregation for PrivCount in Tor.

Now we need to specify:

  • how long each collection round goes for
  • how we determine which counters are collected
  • how we configure the amount of noise for each counter
  • how Metrics can interpret the final results

We should also try to answer the unanswered questions in prop280.

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#27906newPrivCount noise specificationCore Tor/Tor
#27907newPrivCount config and version specCore Tor/Tor

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I think I have worked out how we can do PrivCount in Tor version upgrades.

We can safely add counters to an existing PrivCount in Tor deployment if we increase the noise added by older versions (or turn them off if they are too old). If we specify a noise ratio for each stats version in the consensus, then we can increase the noise in older versions each time we release a new version. If we removed counters, we would just accept the excess noise (which is safe), or not increase the noise as much when we add the next counter.

Two further thoughts on PrivCount in Tor:

  1. Each counter we add will add more noise. To get the same relative noise, we can add more collecting relays. I wonder if we can calculate how much consensus weight we need to add per counter.
  1. We can discover relays that submit out of range data without specialised oblivious computation:

a) the tally reporters do an aggregation round where each relay is in its own partition
b) to protect relays which actually reported statistics, each tally reporter adds enough noise to hide the largest valid relay
c) if a relay's total is large enough (4 or 5 sigmas away from the mean, positive or negative), it is probably bad. 4 sigmas is 1 in 16,000, or a 38% probability of a false positive for 6000 relays. So we might need 5 sigma if we ever deploy to the whole network. See

If we ran out of bounds detection before every aggregation, we could use it to detect grossly inadequate noise. Which would make it safe to collect protocol warnings even if we get the action bounds (expected activity for a single client) wrong.

But per-relay partitions enable an attack where you push a client's activity on a guard over the threshold, so the guard is excluded from the stats. We could set the exclusion threshold so high that it's physically impossible to have that many events.

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This is on our 0.3.5 roadmap.

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