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Research task summaries and bibliography recommendations for Dan's class

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[Not sure what component to put this in. I picked metrics, but maybe there should be a separate 'research' component.]

Dan Boneh is teaching a class next quarter on circumvention and anonymity. The students will break up into groups and do research projects on various topics. We're writing up more detailed examples of some of the research topics (#2530, #2531), but we should put the whole list somewhere for posterity.

Also, he wanted to pick 15 to 20 papers to cover, and wanted some tips.

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Replying to arma:

Also, he wanted to pick 15 to 20 papers to cover, and wanted some tips.

Here are the suggestions I sent Dan: is a good place for anonymity papers. There are a few anti-censorship papers thrown in, but not as many.

On the anonymity side, you'll probably want
and you'll want some subset of
depending on whether you want to focus on attacks or on designs.

On the censorship side, you'll definitely want
and you'll maybe want

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As for research topics, I gave Dan a verbal summary last time I was in the area. He took a bunch of notes, and he says next week he'll have his first drafts up on the class website. I look forward to finding out what it says.

In the mean time, here are my not-so-comprehensible notes on research topics, for posterity:

Research question: Do a performance experiment where we cut out all the relays under some bandwidth threshold, e.g. 60KB/s. Analyze anonymity loss too.

Research question: how should we assign Guard flags? how many guards should you have? what security properties do guards provide?

Research question: reflectors to measure bridge reachability

Research question: extend Damon's FC11 paper to expand bridge efficiency metrics - build the building blocks. maybe building on bridgedb. using the measurement component from previous point.

Research question: how to automate using dns domains as fast fluxing approaches to update bridge addresses for people

Research question: cloud image for tor bridge

Research question: squeezing bandwidth of users as they enter the network:

Research question: micah's metrics tradeoffs

rate limit relays who haven't been measured by mike's scripts to 50KB (#2286)
how to make bandwidth measurements more secure
compare results from mike's scripts to robin's algorithms.

usability study of acceptable delays

viral spread of bridge addresses -- bluetooth via nearby androids

IPv6 -- how many people in-country can get an actual ipv6 flow out?
It would seem that countries with scarce IPv4 space would be first in line to adopt actual ipv6 support in their routers (rather than just 4 to 6 gateways).

Research question: change Tor's circuit extend protocol to handle bridges configuring their own guards, as a counter to

Research question: once we do subsecond token bucket refills, how often should we refill? More generally, what are we trying to optimize or reduce or improve by refilling the buckets more often?

Research question: bridge ring design, or, how to give users a set of k bridges such that they still know about k as bridges churn.

Research question: distributed bridge directory authority design

passive bridge use analysis: if bridge usage drops off, what can we learn?

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Calling this one done for now. I'll reopen if there's more to do once the class schedule appears.

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