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add screenshot or icon to docs showing what to click for mac TBB

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the website paragraph of instructions for the bundle says click on the TorBrowser app but a user was misled by the icon being a terminal so they clicked the individual components' icons instead.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by phobos

Owner: changed from phobos to erinn
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erinn, can you do this on your mac?

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by erinn

Yes, certainly.

keb, can you explain what you mean about the icon being a terminal? I made it an onion, and have only ever seen it that way. (Are there some IRC logs I should check for this?)

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by keb

here is the irc log

20110218 232413 : katmagic Are you using the Firefox that came with the browser bundle?
20110218 232430 : nevernverman Yes
20110218 232453 : nevernverman In the Extensions I see only SQLiteManager
20110218 232524 : keb how did that Bundle get onto the usb key?
20110218 232609 : nevernverman I dldd it onto the Mac. Copied the zip to the stick and expanded it.
20110218 232611 : keb you might be running your own Firefox, not the one in the bundle
20110218 232618 : nevernverman Possibly
20110218 232712 : nevernverman but it is the one that shows in the Contents of the package
20110218 232810 : keb try to quit all running instances before clicking the one in the Bundle
20110218 233225 : keb
20110218 233248 : keb you are supposed to click "TorBrowser" application to start it all
20110218 233326 : keb if your own firefox is already running, it might pop up its own window rather than launch the bundle firefox
20110218 233439 : nevernverman OK. Quit all. Start Vidalia which starts Tor. Start Firefox. Same deal. I will delete my original Firefox app and retry
20110218 233439 : nevernverman No, that made no difference
20110218 233549 : keb no, start "TorBrowser" which automatically starts the whole sequence. you should not have to click Firefox separately (unless the instructions are incorrect)
20110218 233628 : keb (i dont have a mac to verify)
20110218 233940 : nevernverman Aha
20110218 233940 : nevernverman TorBrowserBundle appears as a unix executable as opposed to an app icon. If I doubleclick it, it will open the terminal.
20110218 234129 : keb nevernverman ok. that terminal may run a script
20110218 234212 : keb we can suggest an update to the mac instructions once this works
20110218 234738 : nevernverman No can do. It appears as an app icon but if I double click it, nothing happens except that I get the error in my console as follows:
20110218 234738 : nevernverman 2/18/11 11:38:50 PM [0x0-0x52052].org.torproject.TorBrowserBundle[516] The files /Volumes/NO and /Volumes/N
O NAME/ do not exist.
20110218 234738 : nevernverman 2/18/11 11:38:50 PM[115] ([0x0-0x52052].org.torproject.TorBrowserBundle[516])

Exited with exit code: 1

20110218 235022 : keb nevernverman
20110218 235030 : keb the bug has a workaround
20110218 235043 : nevernverman OK thanks

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by erinn

Resolution: fixed
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Done. Closing.

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