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Metrics shouldn't rely on GetTor to provide history

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Currently, GetTor is keeping all its logfiles around, since the beginning of mankind -- in the blind assumption that metrics is going to need them all to keep the shiny nice GetTor graphs the way they are.

I'd like to clean that up a bit in the way that metrics just needs the latest N days of history, where N is a value between one and thirty days maybe. (One day of history necessary would be best, of course)

Maybe karsten can clear up whether this actually needs change in the metrics code.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by kaner

I also would like to hear karsten's opinion on the following: Since the latest GetTor overhaul, packages are configurable (compared to hard-coded as before). This means that package names and variety can, in theory, change over time. Would it be a problem for Metrics if, for instance, the `tor-browser-bundle_de' package would go away?

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by karsten

I just checked that metrics-db can handle cases where only the last N days of history are available. But N shouldn't be 1, because the last day is only going to be complete shortly before it gets cut off and replaced by the next day. It's also possible that metrics-db crashes and doesn't download the stats file for a few days or longer when I'm not around. Can we set N to, say, 30? If so, feel free to do that.

To answer the comment: yes, metrics-db can handle removing or changing package names. Removing a package would be counted as having 0 downloads of that package, so that'd be a safe thing to do.

Changing package names is not so nice. We rely on package names for plotting TBB (en), TBB (zh_CN), and TBB (fa). So, if tor-browser-bundle_en would change to, say, tbb_en, we might have to add a rule saying that the two are equal. That wouldn't make the metrics code prettier. Maybe give me a heads-up before changing any package names in particular?

Does that answer your question? If so, please close the ticket or tell me to do so.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by kaner

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All questions answered, thanks. Changing names shouldn't happen too often (read: at all) and giving you a heads up if they should change is fine.

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