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report intermediate status when building application circuits

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During bootstrap, some minimum number of application circuits must be established before bootstrapping will complete. Right now, the user will receive no feedback of intermediate progress as a bootstrap circuit is being built. We should make this more granular, probably with intermediate progress at each EXTEND, to make visible when Tor is being slow to build circuits.

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This might happen as a side effect of some of the #22266 work, but isn't an essential part of it.

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Move my post-freeze 0.3.5 items to 0.3.6.

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Tor 0.3.6.x has been renamed to 0.4.0.x.

comment:8 Changed 13 months ago by catalyst

#27167 makes this easier by adding the bootstrap tracker subsystem. Right now we don't quite have all the right data in the origin circuit events to make this incremental application circuit progress reporting work. Some approaches include adding more status events, or reporting the count of established circuit hops with each EXTEND event.

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Deferring 51 tickets from 0.4.0.x-final. Tagging them with 040-deferred-20190220 for visibility. These are the tickets that did not get 040-must, 040-can, or tor-ci.

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Moving all new, assigned, accepted, reopened, need_information tickets from sponsor 19 into the unsponsor land. Added keyword ex-sponsor19 to track and check later if we had something that can be added to new sponsors.

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Unparent remaining open children of #28018.

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Remove myself from tickets I'm not actively working on.

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