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Dec 21, 2018, 6:15:40 PM (8 months ago)

I'm no longer convinced that adding completion milestones is the best way to fix this class of problems. I think we want to report starting something when we've actually started it, not when we think we've unblocked it from starting.

I've been functionally using this as a ticket for tracking where we report misleading implicit progress in bootstrap phases.

Edited the summary and description accordingly.


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  • Ticket #27308 – Description

    initial v9  
    11Right now many bootstrap events get reported when the preceding task has completed.  This makes it somewhat harder to tell what has gone wrong if bootstrap progress stalls.
     3[edit: The following isn't necessarily the best way to fix this.  It might be better to figure out how to report starting something when actually starting it.]
    35We should add completion milestones to bootstrap reporting.  This makes bootstrap reporting more future-proof.  If in the future we add a time-consuming task with (no bootstrap reporting) between two existing bootstrap tasks, it will be a little more obvious what's going on.