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browser notifications are not working anymore with Tor Browser 8

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With Tor Browser 8 it seems we broke some browser notification mechanism for macOS as users on our blog report (e.g.

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comment:1 Changed 8 months ago by gk

Keywords: tbb-8.0.1-can added

Marking for 8.0.1 can.

comment:2 Changed 7 months ago by mcs

Kathy and I did some triage of this ticket because we thought it might be a macOS-only bug, but that is probably not true. It seems to be related to first party isolation of permissions. Using the following page for testing, notifications started to work after I changed privacy.firstparty.isolate to false:

On that page, grant permission for notifications when prompted and then click the "Notify me!" button.

Arthur, any ideas?

comment:3 Changed 6 months ago by gk

Cc: arthuredelstein added

We got a user on #tor today reporting something similar on Linux which has probably the same underlying issue:

1) start Tor Browser
2) go to a website that offers web push notifications, e.g. ProtonMail https://protonirockerxow.onion, and log in
3) after successfully logging in, the Tor Browser asks "Will you allow protonirockerxow.onion to send notifications", click "Allow Notifications".

Expected result: every time I receive an email, I should get a notification (via libnotify or something like this) that looks just like any other KDE desktop notification.

Instead of this expected result, I get no notification at all.

Arthur, can you pick that up? I think it could be relevant to upstreaming the permissions patch you are working on.

comment:4 Changed 6 months ago by gk

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comment:5 Changed 6 months ago by gok

I confirm that, after changing privacy.firstparty.isolate to false, notifications work again on Linux/KDE.

comment:6 Changed 6 months ago by gok

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comment:7 Changed 6 months ago by tom

This probably seems related to the permissions patch because I don't have any problem with it on Nightly with FPI enabled.

comment:8 Changed 6 months ago by gok

I just tested notifications with TBB 8.5a4 and First Party Isolation enabled, and notifications did not work.
I don't know how different TBB alpha and TBB nightly currently are though, so I don't know if this bit of information helps.

comment:9 in reply to:  2 Changed 6 months ago by nsIContentPermissionRequest

Summary: growl a-like browser notifications are not working anymore on macOS with Tor Browser 8browser notifications are not working anymore with Tor Browser 8

Replying to mcs:
On Windows 10:

0:26:44.707 [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIContentPermissionRequest.principal]"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: jar:file:///C:/Tor%20Browser/Browser/browser/omni.ja!/components/nsBrowserGlue.js :: prompt :: line 3000"  data: no] (unknown)
	prompt jar:file:///C:/Tor%20Browser/Browser/browser/omni.ja!/components/nsBrowserGlue.js:3000:1
0:26:44.707 NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIContentPermissionRequest.cancel] nsBrowserGlue.js:3024

comment:10 Changed 6 months ago by gk

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Moving our tickets to November.

comment:11 Changed 6 months ago by gk

Priority: MediumHigh

comment:12 Changed 5 months ago by gk

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Moving our tickets to December.

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Moving tickets to Jan 2019.

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