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Rename some bandwidth file keys in the code

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So that they have also that name in the bandwidth file spec when added.

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comment:1 Changed 19 months ago by juga

I'd eliminate the parts that have _bs in their name, it was added to know that the unit was Bytes, but it's not clear from the name and if they unit is not specified the default should be Bytes.
The names of the keys after eliminating _bs are:
bw_median, bw_mean, desc_avg_bw, desc_obs_bw_last, desc_obs_bw_mean

comment:2 Changed 19 months ago by juga

The keys added by #28062 are having measured in their name.
I think that's confusing, because the scanner measured more than those relays, it's just they didn't pass some restrictions.
I'm not sure to_include is better name.

comment:3 Changed 19 months ago by teor

The full list of keys in sbws master is at:

When I worked as a database designer, we named fields using this pattern:

  • optional Adjective(s) (words that modify the thing)
  • Noun (what the thing is)
  • optional Adjectives (words that modify the format of the data)
  • Kind (what format the data is in)

We avoided most abbreviations, because they can mean different things. If we needed an abbreviation, we documented it, and used it consistently.

If we were designing this format again, here are the names I would suggest:


  • software => software_name
  • software_version
  • file_created => file_creation_datetime
  • earliest_bandwidth => earliest_bandwidth_datetime
  • generator_started => generator_start_datetime


  • latest_bandwidth => latest_bandwidth_datetime


  • version => format_version


  • num_measured_relays => eligible_relay_count
  • num_target_relays => min_relay_count or minimum_eligible_relay_count
  • num_net_relays => consensus_relay_count
  • perc_measured_relays => eligible_relay_percentage
  • perc_measured_targed => min_relay_percentage or minimum_eligible_relay_percentage


  • node_id
  • bw => bw_kps or bandwidth_kilobytes_per_second


  • master_key_ed25519 => ed25519_key or ed25519_master_key
  • nick => nick_text or nickname_text
  • rtt => rtt_milliseconds or round_trip_time_milliseconds
  • time => latest_relay_bandwidth_datetime
  • success => bandwidth_success_count
  • error_stream => bandwidth_stream_error_count
  • error_circ => bandwidth_circuit_error_count
  • error_misc => bandwidth_other_error_count


  • bw_bs_median => median_bw_bps or median_bandwidth_bytes_per_second
  • bw_bs_mean => mean_bw_bps or mean_bandwidth_bytes_per_second
  • desc_avg_bw_bs => desc_avg_bw_limit_bps or descriptor_average_bandwidth_limit_bytes_per_second
  • desc_obs_bw_bs_last => latest_desc_obs_bw_bps or latest_descriptor_observed_bandwidth_bytes_per_second
  • desc_obs_bw_bs_mean => mean_desc_obs_bw_bps or mean_descriptor_observed_bandwidth_bytes_per_second

You can decide if you want to follow this pattern. You can change the names I suggested. You can leave some names as they are.

If you rename a field in the 1.1.0 spec, it is a breaking change, and you should update the spec version to 2.0.0. (I don't think breaking changes are a good use of your time.)

If you add fields to the 1.1.0 spec, they are new features, and you should update the spec version to 1.2.0.

Edit: remove some text to make it more readable

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comment:4 in reply to:  3 Changed 19 months ago by juga

Replying to teor:

When I worked as a database designer, we named fields using this pattern:

  • optional Adjective(s) (words that modify the thing)
  • Noun (what the thing is)
  • optional Adjectives (words that modify the format of the data)
  • Kind (what format the data is in)

It's a similar pattern i was trying to follow. The main differences being:

  • in all the other humans languages i know, adjetives come after noun, so even if the key names are in English, my way of thinking gives more importance to the noum.
  • i'd have thought that units (Kind) comes at the end, except that after naming the keys with only nouns and units, i wanted other keys with adjetives to start with that noun + unit + adjetive. This was probably a bad choice, since i'd still put _ls for list or other "Kind"s at the end.

comment:5 Changed 19 months ago by juga

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comment:6 Changed 19 months ago by juga

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comment:7 Changed 18 months ago by teor

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