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Option/* format for ControlPort options needs to be homogeneous

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According to control-spec.txt:

The OptionPrefix form indicates a number of options beginning with the prefix. So if config/* is listed, other options beginning with config/ will work, but config/* itself is not an option.

In Nyx and tor-prompt interpreters' /help, if the format Option/* is used to name a group of options (each of them is still described separately), it must be done for everything. However, e.g., we have many options inside accounting, but key accounting/* doesn't exist:

accounting/bytes          - Number of bytes read/written so far in the accounting interval.
accounting/bytes-left     - Number of bytes left to write/read so far in the accounting interval.
accounting/enabled        - Is accounting currently enabled?
accounting/hibernating    - Are we hibernating or awake?
accounting/interval-end   - Time when the accounting period ends.
accounting/interval-start - Time when the accounting period starts.
accounting/interval-wake  - Time to wake up in this accounting period.

Compare it with:

config/*                  - Current configuration values.
config/defaults           - List of default values for configuration options. See also config/names
config/names              - List of configuration options, types, and documentation.

If grouping syntax is used, it should be used everywhere (for all groups) or nowhere. Otherwise, it is confusing, because for many other options the syntax option/* implies that something not listed here (in list of options) should be substituted (e.g. fingerprint of a relay, IP address, etc.).

P.S. At first glance it looks like Nyx controller interpreter's bug, but atagar says that it is taken literally from control-spec.txt. Initially it was reported in this comment. Separate ticket was created because of teor's suggestion.

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