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Implement New Identity functionality for Tor Browser on Android

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We want to have an easy to use New Identity functionality for Tor Browser for Android. Currently there is some New Identity-like functionality provided by Orbot but a) that's only responsible for circuit-switching and b) it is not clear whether we stick to Orbot in our grand scheme of things.

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antonela: Any suggestions on how this should get exposed to mobile users?

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Hi, I have been thinking about the New Identity feature also for desktop, and I have some notes made back for an OTF proposal. Maybe is time to sharing those here :)

For readers, the documentation available about what the New Identity feature does and how we are communicating this to users is here.

Also, this StackExchange questions illuminated me about where this feature name is coming from

TL;DR: Design goal: "All linkable identifiers and browser state MUST be cleared by this feature."

If we trace a user journey map, we can see how the need of a new identity is triggered by some specific situations defined by previous browsing activities that not necessarily imply a new user but sometimes does. In other words, users with technical background rely on a new identity when they want to clean back their previous activity. And they want to be sure about it.

During our global south travels, we quickly learned that our target demographic did not understand why they would want to use such a feature. They did not understand what a new identity would affect, why it would be essential to use, and what risks they were facing if they didn’t use the new identity feature. The feature did not include enough information to guide them through the process or tell them when and why to use a new identity.

Often, users asked us what a difference between asking for a new circuit vs. a new identity vs. open a new tab is. Users click on New Identity when they want to clean all that they have been doing before, like sensible searching.

My goal with this redesign is changing the perspective of the experience of the feature from “what the browser is doing” to “how a user benefits from it.”

If users are using new identity when they want to clean previous activity and also to have a new fresh tab, why we don't rename this feature as something that can recall on users for the immediate action?

I think we can rename this feature using terms/icons like "Fire," “Forget,” “Trash,” “Delete,” or “Clean” to indicate 1. the clean of previous identifiers and, 2. creation of a fresh tab.

We could make it consistent with other browsers too. Language consistency with other major browsers that users may be familiar with--like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox--should make it more clear that clicking the button will close the user’s tabs, clear all cookies, and reset the browser’s connection to the Tor network.

Since we are also removing cookies, we need to educate users on their first time experience about how sessions will expire and tabs will close.

The new identity feature improvement is especially critical for mobile users. Ephimerous sessions for sensible searches are a core feature for a sharing device context like we discovered in Colombia with activists collectives. This presentation and this paper talk about these contexts deeply.

Proposed new user flow

  1. User clicks on the icon. This action is global, so the icon should be placed at the toolbar.
  2. All tabs get closed, and all cookies get cleared (logged sessions will expire)
  3. about:tor is open

TBA Concept

Questions for development

  • Do you have a better label to rename this feature that recalls what the user wants to do immediately instead of what the browser will do later?
  • Can we offer ephemeral sessions per tabs? Is this possible?
  • Will TBA replicate the same behavior TB has on the desktop?
  • The design doc says "Finally, a fresh browser window is opened, and the current browser window is closed (this does not spawn a new Firefox process, only a new window)."
    • Can we do it without closing the window? Can we use another visual feedback for users to explain that the action has been done?

What other browsers are doing?

DDG for Mobile

Firefox Focus (sorry for the spanish version, Borrar=Clean)

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