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#28930 needs_revision enhancement

consider reordering PT/proxy phases

Reported by: catalyst Owned by: ahf
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A pluggable transport can itself use a firewall-bypass proxy, so maybe the progression should go more like

  1. conn_pt
  2. conn_proxy
  3. conn_proxy_done
  4. conn_pt_done

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comment:5 Changed 18 months ago by catalyst

The change would be to reorder the phases so the proxy phases are "inside" the PT phases. Last I checked, tor doesn't know about whether or not the PT client itself uses a proxy, so the PT would have to explicitly tell tor.

We can do the reordering now, or wait until we have a PT client interface that can report intermediate progress when using a PT tunneled through a proxy. ahf, which do you think is better?

There might be reasons to have these phases in any number of slightly different orderings, including the current ordering. I would have to refresh my memory about the current behavior to be sure.

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Replying to ahf:

Moving this to needs review.

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The stuff to explicitly note whether we're using a PT looks good. I haven't done manual testing of it yet.

I think when we talked about this on IRC we agreed to have separate new phases for "PT client is connecting/connected to its proxy"?

(Summary -- control-spec.txt already is overly specific and refers to the TCP connection to the PT proxy. So my proposed reordering turns out to be wrong. I think having more specific new bootstrap phases also makes troubleshooting easier.)

For the reviewer: Should we change the tests in test_controller_events

to instead of storing a single string each time we have a bootstrap
event, that we instead append to a list and then check if the list is
correct after all the state transitions have happened?

Yes, I think there might places in the unit tests where that would be helpful. Or maybe make the entire "make a state change and assert an expected bootstrap message" a macro?

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