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Anonymous/private HTTP alternative.

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I request that the Tor project creates a new private protocol replacement for HTTP.

HTTP is bloated, full of features preventing privacy and
anonymity. Examples include request headers, cookies, referrer, etc.

Tor and other anonymity and privacy tools try to work around these
issues, but it's a whack-a-mole game.

This new private protocol shall be a scaled-down version of HTTP, with
any anonymity-hostile features removed. In fact it shall be minimal:
having only the absolute minimum number of features that still allow
basic web browsing.

It is important that the protocol is designed by a trustworthy party,
such as the Tor project, and not by any commercial parties. Said
commercial parties are in fact currently working on HTTP protocol
replacements, however user tracking and lack of privacy and anonymity
is in their interest, as it supports their business model.

Examples of problems that need to be addressed:

Request headers, such as HTTP_ACCEPT headers are a user-tracking
feature, are not needed and shall be absent.

Request method (GET, POST, etc.): minimal design dictates that only
one (HTTP GET-equivalent) method shall suffice.

URL: To prevent user tracking in form of casing, the URL shall be
lower-cased before a request is sent. The URL can be rendered with
mixed case to the user for readability of course.

Encryption: All requests must be encrypted with a predefined (not
negotiated) scheme.

No form of negotiation can take place between the client and server,
including: compression, natural language, protocol versions, etc.

The client must not identify itself in any way.

Etc. Many other issues probably remain, of which I have no
knowledge. That's why I turn to the Tor project, as your community is
best-suited to identify and address other privacy issues with HTTP.

To ease adoption, the new protocol could resemble technically HTTP as
much as possible, so that minimal development is needed in software
(clients, servers) to provide support.

I can only hope that Tor community will accept this challenge.

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