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Tor privdrop on (Open)BSD fails to reclaim capabilities of "User".

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Severity: Normal Keywords: openbsd, bsd, privilege drop, user, torrc, root, disableallswap, capabilities
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As summary states. Should Tor need invocation as superuser it will fail claim the capabilities of the target "User" in torrc. One statement that is therefore affected is e.g. "DisableAllSwap 1" which would either require Tor running as root or raising of superuser capabilities (this was never tested however). Both alternatives are unattractive.

Regarding option with "DisableAllSwap" I will give pretty obvious pointers from your own GitHub repositories:

L1510 @ src/app/config/config.c
L220 @ src/lib/process/setuid.c
L316 @ src/lib/process/setuid.c

And here is kdump format of a ktrace of faulty execution:

28446 tor      CALL  setegid(1000<"user">)
28446 tor      RET   setegid 0
28446 tor      CALL  setgid(1000<"user">)
28446 tor      RET   setgid 0
28446 tor      CALL  setuid(1000<"user">)
28446 tor      RET   setuid 0
28446 tor      CALL  seteuid(1000<"user">)
28446 tor      RET   seteuid 0
28446 tor      CALL  setgid(0<"wheel">)
28446 tor      RET   setgid -1 errno 1 Operation not permitted
28446 tor      CALL  setegid(0<"wheel">)
28446 tor      RET   setegid -1 errno 1 Operation not permitted
28446 tor      CALL  setuid(0<"root">)
28446 tor      RET   setuid -1 errno 1 Operation not permitted
28446 tor      CALL  seteuid(0<"root">)
28446 tor      RET   seteuid -1 errno 1 Operation not permitted

P.S. This applies to but also to

P.P.S. I am sorry I did not take the time to patch this myself yes. For anyone interested in this these are great resources:

man 2 setuid
man 2 seteuid
man 2 setgid
man 2 setegid
man 2 getrlimit
man 2 setrlimit

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EDIT: Corrected line numbers (these apply to

L1537 @ src/app/config/config.c
L220 @ src/lib/process/setuid.c
L317 @ src/lib/process/setuid.c

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