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  • Ticket #29168 – Description

    initial v10  
     1From the fix in be84ed1a64ed7ce810bd3924fa96c2588b491ef5:
     3    KIST works by computing how much should be allowed to write to the kernel for
     4    a given socket, and then it writes that amount to the outbuf.
     6    The problem is that it could be possible that the outbuf already has lots of
     7    data in it from a previous scheduling round (because the kernel is full/busy
     8    and Tor was not able to flush the outbuf yet). KIST ignores that the outbuf
     9    has been filling (is above its "highwater") and writes more anyway. The end
     10    result is that the outbuf length would exceed INT_MAX, hence causing an
     11    assertion error and a corresponding "Bug()" message to get printed to the
     12    logs.
     14    This commit makes it for KIST to take into account the outbuf length when
     15    computing the available space.