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    initial v6  
    1 Ensure that we have all necessary metrics to verify if obfs4 is working for users.
     1The main goal of this is to determine whether obfs4 bridges are being blocked due to bridge IP enumeration, or if there is something blockable about the obfs4 protocol.
    3 TODO: Determine what these metrics should be, where they should be added, methods for aggregating them and analyzing them.
     3These tests will use new, private (unpublished) obfs4 IP addresses that have not been used for censorship circumvention prior to these tests.
     5The outcome should be a script that users we reach out to in censored can run from which we can collect metrics about their ability to connect and bandwidth measurements. Before we send out the script we should figure out:
     7- Whether we have all necessary metrics on the bridge side to verify if obfs4 is working and whether it is being throttled
     9- How we are going to collect the client-side measurement data