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ntor handshake auth failures with RPs

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My vanguards addon was detecting dropped cells on my v3 service side due to ntor failures to client chosen RPs. This happened while testing vanguards 0.3.0 with tor and a v3 onion service that was only for my testing.

This corresponded to control port lines like:

DEBUG[Thu Mar 07 09:51:28 2019]: 650 CIRC 12674 FAILED $DD5DA21CC5036533AE2010DE2C7E72BE2CDF9C5E~Unnamed,$28C52CDBB78DA46124DA62EC1D6796689E719210~ayb,$516C2CCBB1502B7E46E4265D82474257324DF8E2~Unnamed,$E37724D8AD87B149EAD2F3DFD3E1681624AC9EE0~sheldon BUILD_FLAGS=IS_INTERNAL,NEED_CAPACITY,NEED_UPTIME PURPOSE=HS_SERVICE_REND HS_STATE=HSSR_CONNECTING REND_QUERY=jxzsbx2wov6yrzwysw7mbmxal2ab6vwje745djczv4kyxe36a2rhmnid TIME_CREATED=2019-03-07T09:47:54.889121 REASON=TORPROTOCOL

Which matched loglines:

Mar 07 09:51:28.000 [info] onion_skin_ntor_client_handshake(): Invalid result from curve25519 handshake: 4
Mar 07 09:51:28.000 [info] circuit_mark_for_close_(): Circuit 3610696346 (id: 12674) marked for close at src/core/or/relay.c:1731 (orig reason: 1, new reason: 0)
Mar 07 09:51:28.000 [info] circuit_build_failed(): Couldn't connect to the client's chosen rend point "" (last hop failed).
Mar 07 09:51:28.000 [info] can_relaunch_service_rendezvous_point(): Attempt to build a rendezvous circuit to [scrubbed] has failed with 1 attempts and expiry time 1551952317. Giving up building.

I caused this by using Tor version (git-9beb085c10562a25) to connect to my HS like so:

while [ true ]; do
  torsocks wget  http://$MYV3_ONION_NAME.onion/404 -O /dev/null
  killall -HUP tor;

That v3 404 url is in fact non-existent -- it does just send back a HTTP 404.

I think this might be caused by just normal onion key rotation of the RP... In which case there might now be anything we can do?

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