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Include Tor Browser data from Google Play

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Statistics of app distribution are available for export from Google Play using Google's special tool. We should use this and provide public data from this.

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comment:2 Changed 19 months ago by karsten

Sounds like a good idea to archive data based on Google Play statistics with CollecTor and to visualize some of those numbers on Tor Metrics. And it's great that there's already a tool for exporting the data from Google.

That's a good start, but it doesn't answer all questions around adding new data to Tor Metrics. For example, is the data safe to be published, or do you (or we) need to remove any sensitive parts?

More generally, would you want to read our yet unfinished guidelines for adding new stats that are currently attached to #29315? Maybe that document contains questions you didn't think of yet, or maybe you have other aspects in mind that aren't mentioned in that document yet?

It would be great to come up with a good plan for adding this data set and with a improved guidelines for adding the next data set. Feel free to comment here or on #29315. Thanks!

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Moving this on our radar and documenting the discussion we had today at our weekly meeting:

18:04 < pili> I saw this ticket last week: #29837
18:05 < pili> and I thought it could be a nice one to discuss during this meeting
18:05 < pili> even though it's not a priority
18:05 < pili> just if anyone has any thoughts/ideas
18:06 < antonela> metrics is the place where that info should live, imo
18:07 < GeKo> yes, agreed
18:07 < sysrqb> hrm
18:07 < GeKo> but karsten has good points we should address
18:08 < pili> for example, is there any data that needs to be anonymised?
18:09 < sysrqb> i expect yes
18:09 < sysrqb> or at least bucketed
18:10 < sysrqb> for example, they give us stats on which devices have installed the app and the count of each device
18:11 < antonela> is there any information about hardware?
18:11 < sysrqb> i belive we can get country-specific data, as well
18:11 < sysrqb> butt we should be careful with that information
18:11 < antonela> like, the most downloaded device
18:11 < antonela> android version is helpful too 
18:11 < mcs> Some of the device info that Google collects could (nearly) uniquely identify a person. We should discard the long tail for sure.
18:12 < sysrqb> antonela: yes, we can get that information
18:12 < sysrqb> mcs: yes, for sure
18:12 < antonela> great, that can be really useful for setting up some QA workflow in the future
18:13 < sysrqb> yep
18:13 < sysrqb> pili: so, yes :)
18:14 < boklm> maybe we should drop the devices/android versions with less than 100 users
18:14 < GeKo> i guess we can tag that with our monthly tag and get to it after 8.5 is in shape
18:14 < sisbell> Yeah, you could correlate OEM device type, and carrier to get precise info on a specific user
18:14 < sysrqb> pili: hopefully i'll be able to pick up this ticket, and a few others after the release is out

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Moving tickets to May

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Moving tickets to June

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