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TBA 60.6.0 UI breaks proxy compatibility

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TBA 60.6.0 doesn't allow to connect to SOCKS proxy and also doesn't allow bypass of built-in Orbot.

Why it is a problem:
I live in a country that blocks Tor so efficiently that I need comercial VPN services to connect to Tor.
I don't trust the apps of those companies with a system wide VPN (which I also still need it for the separate Orbot VPN) and have it expose a SOCKS5 instead.

Before Upgrade:
TBA>separate Orbot SOCKS5>commercial VPN service app SOCKS5>internet
After I start TBA I use my phone's back button to bypass the built-in Orbot. I open about:config and change the SOCKS port to the one from the separate Orbot. Then I browse as normal.

After Upgrade:
The built-in Orbot can not be bypassed. I can also not connect it directly to the commercial app. I can not browse the internet.

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comment:1 Changed 17 months ago by gk

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Why do you need a VPN for that? We support pluggable transports withe the latest alpha releases which should help you. Are you saying selecting obfs4 or meek does not allow you to bypass the censorship?

comment:2 Changed 16 months ago by april

I just checked and meek-azure works again, for the moment at least.
Round trip latency of over 3s
Maximum download speed (one conmection) of 30KB/s
Opening (hitting enter till results appear) duckduckgo.com takes about halve a minute, reddit.com about one minute.

Connected without bridges over VPN gives me:
Roundtrip latency of 600ms
Maximum download speed (one conmection) of 300KB/s
Opening (hitting enter till results appear) duckduckgo.com takes about 7 seconds, reddit.com about 15 seconds.

Any obfs4 from bridges.torproject.org don't connect directly.

There is a very notable gap in speed between meek and VPN+Tor. I can do my regular stuff (reading, buffered low quality videos, GB sized downloads for system updates) over the later.
Over meek videos are not feasible, System updates take days instead of hours, and the latency locks me out of everything using Google Recaptcha. Reading is still possible, but it is annoying to wait at least a minute for a page to load. Especially when searching for information.

This makes it difficult for me to provide cover traffic, strengthening the anonymity set.

But as long as meek-azure connects, I can access about:config of Firefox to use Orbot instead. Therefore my ticket is solved. Still there are legitimate reasons to connect to external Tor processes. It would be nice to not intentionally be barred from doing so.

comment:3 Changed 16 months ago by gk

Resolution: worksforme
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If that works for you now, great. We still don't have all the backend changes in place, thus, I am closing this ticket for now. Please, open a new issue once Tor Browser 8.5 is out (if you still have the problem you described). We'll think harder about a solution then.

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