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Objective 1, Activity 2: Denial of service defences

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This is the parent ticket to hold any tickets under this activity, including:

  • Reducing the amount of circuits that they build over time on the Tor network
  • Providing more ways for onion service administrators to control the influx of incoming users in heavy traffic scenarios.
  • Improving our defense mechanisms by:
    • Decreasing onion service load on the Tor network, by slowing down Tor circuit creation on startup.
    • Optimizing relevant onion service functions that are called multiple times therefore taking a lot of the CPU.
    • Making it harder for adversaries to force services to rotate their introduction points.
  • Writing a Tor software change proposal for a “rendezvous approver” API that can be useful for:
    1. Rate limiting; allow at most N unauthenticated clients over a set time period
    2. Extra-conservative logic like "stop accepting connections during potential guard discovery"
    3. Limiting capacity to control server load; only allow N simultaneous clients.
    4. Protocol-tuned rules for things like Ricochet
    5. More advanced pre-rendezvous authorization
    6. Load-balancing across multiple servers running Tor onion services
  • Closing client circuit once the INTRO1/ACK dance has been completed, decreasing load on the Tor network.

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