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Suggestions for better wording in Tor-support-portal

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"If you started having issues with your Tor Browser after an update, check 
out <mark><a 
href="https://blog.torproject.org">blog.torproject.org</a></mark> for the 
most recent stable Tor Browser post to see if your issue is listed."

the most recent stable Tor Browser post --> a post on the most recent stable Tor Browser

"The default setting in the Windows installer also creates a shortcut for you
 on your Desktop, though be aware that you may have accidentally unticked 
the option to create a shortcut."

unticked --> deselected

Several occurrences: either macOS or MacOS

and either captchas or CAPTCHAs

"Selecting it will cause the currently-active tab or window to be reloaded "
"over a new Tor circuit."

currently-active --> currently active

"You should re-check your firewalls, check that the IP and ports you "
"specified in your torrc are correct, etc."

Perhaps 'torrc file' would be more clear

"These services use the special-use tld .onion (instead of "
".com,.net,.org,etc..) and are only accessible through the Tor network."

tld --> TLD

"And if you're accessing a website with https and onion service, it will show"
" an icon of a green onion and a padlock."

https --> HTTPS

"A cryptographic signature proves the authenticity of a message or file. It 
is created by the holder of the private portion of a [public key 
cryptography](#public-key-cryptography) key pair and can be verified by the 
corresponding public key. If you download software from torproject.org, you 
will find it as sig files (.asc). These are PGP signatures, so you can 
verify that the file you have downloaded is exactly the one that we intended
 you to get. For more information about how you can verify signatures, 
please see https://www.torproject.org/docs/verifying-signatures.html.en."

sig files --> signature files

"We feel that talking openly about our funders and funding model is the best "
"way to maintain trust with our community."

funders --> sponsors

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thanks for the corrections sveinki! they should be up now.

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