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Improve UX for obfs4 bridge operation

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Right now there are some sharp edges if you want to operate an obfs4 bridge: you have to set up port forwarding, it's hard to know whether it's working, it's hard to figure out your bridge line, etc.

This is a master ticket for collecting these UX issues, so we can capture all of them and make progress on fixing them.

Child Tickets

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Adding this tickets to the backlog.

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Over here, I emailed several bridge operators whose obfs4 port was not reachable. The ones who got back to me all had one of the following two issues:

  • Several people thought that only the ORPort must be reachable. They didn't know that obfs4 needs a separate port. We need to make this clear in our documentation.
  • Some people have obfs4 listen on a locally-scoped address. Our spec says that this is fine but it doesn't seem to work in practice because Tor ends up writing the locally-scoped address into its descriptor, e.g.: transport obfs4 This looks like a bug. I don't think a locally-scoped address should ever end up in a descriptor.

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No more Q1 in 2020...

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