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Nov 13, 2019, 9:17:36 PM (11 months ago)

moved the checklist to the issue summary.

created the new field, named mailPassword in LDAP, and restarted slapd. documented the procedure in

i think i'll need to think more about the implementation of the next steps before i move on. i'll make a proper design document and all that jazz and *then* deploy. but at least the first step is done and i confirm i can modify the LDAP schema, yaay!


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    initial v14  
    77It would honestly be of a great help if we could simply have an authenticated SMTP server that I could use with let say my LDAP account for sending emails with my @tpo and not being worried that it gets dropped...
     9The steps required for this change are:
     11 1. [x] create a new field (`emailPassword`?) in the LDAP schema (done)
     12 2. [ ] update the mail gateway to support changes to the field
     13 3. [ ] update the web interface (to support changing the field as well?)
     14 4. [ ] optionally, setup a separate email server to accept submissions and keep mail servers aware that not only eugeni sends email
     15 5. [ ] hook up the password field as authentication in Postfix in the server (probably through ud-generate?)
     16 4. [ ] do tests with the users in this ticket, and if this works, propagate to all current LDAP users
     17 5. [ ] create LDAP accounts for more users who want to use the system
     19We should also make a design document to follow along.