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Feature Request: Big Data/AI Prevention

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Below is described the popup that the user would get:

"A Google Recaptcha has been detected on this page. Would you like to prevent Google using information you provide on this page to possibly train self-driving cars, and other Google products?

If you answer yes, this utility will garble Google's request in a structured way that will conform with other user who are doing the same, hence you will still pass the recaptcha (although it may take longer). So instead of identifying cars you will identify numerous other things that might not be cars.

You can switch this ability on or off at anytime.

Garble the Request / Don't garble"

This is the recommended way to garble it that conforms to messages being spread around the internet lately.

crosswalks => heavy vehicles, taxis and painted markings on the road that are not crossings.
buses => cars, bushes, traffic lights
cars => crosswalks, traffic lights and fire hydrants
traffic lights => bushes (human size or smaller) and dark cars
taxis => light coloured cars that are NOT taxis, small bushes
motorbikes => traffic lights, trees, bushes, and crossings
storefronts => select trees, dark vehicles and windows of tall buildings.

Fire hydrants == fire hydrant (if not enough people are using this method, getting this correct is seen as the least pervasive thing)
Bikes == bikes (as above)

The resource that I found didn't say anything about chimnies, stairs, bridges, hills and mountains, so if the team wishes they might want to construct their own obfuscations for those?

This is a compelling idea. I personally do not like the idea of self-driving cars so I am already using this methodoogy, if more people adopt it then I will be more anonymised.

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comment:1 Changed 4 months ago by gk

Resolution: wontfix
Status: newclosed

Thanks for the proposal. Tor Browser is concerned about providing privacy to users on the web but does not have the goal of preventing self-driving cars or AI products from happening, so this is a WONTFIX. Note, though, that this does not imply that self-driving cars or AI products are a good thing to have (nor a bad thing).

comment:2 Changed 4 months ago by goldenchild2

Resolution: wontfix
Status: closedreopened

You're welcome, I have been bothered by reCaptcha for some time, when I read what it was about and that it was a Google product, I had to submit it to your team.

The Guardian Project develop a number of interesting things, not all of these things relate only to privacy, some relate to freedom. Users should be free to decide whether they help to train Googles AI products or not.

Do you happen to know any developers that may be interested in creating this simple freedom plugin. I approximate it may take the average developer 3 days to make and a couple weeks to refine then only the occasional update.

It would involve finding the two variants of the reCaptcha to patch, the js and non-js versions, NOT hugely difficult, you guys keep a record of hostile sites. Then identifying the reCaptcha and listening for changes to the reCaptcha. Then selecting the text "cars" (for example? and possibly doing a strike-through on the word cars and appending in normal size text the replacement items to select, while having a small bubble appear, explaining would is happening. If changing the content of the reCaptcha is not possible then a little bubble from the plugin would pop-up, telling the user what they can do, similar to that described above.

This issue is not just about self-driving cars. What will they have us do next? Control factory equipment and other heavy machinery, all while users are not paid. The recaptchas also waste a lot of time for Tor users. On small displays they are terrible to use and a small speech bubble in the corner may make them easier to complete! Because the recaptcha process can be so protracted for Tor users there should be a way to make this less lucrative for Google. In many ways they are monopolising the internet and Tor browser is in a position to improve the situation.

Please include here any developer(s) that you think might be interested in making this.

comment:3 Changed 4 months ago by goldenchild2

"Explore Freely" is literally in the slogan of Tor browser.

The slogan is not "Explore while training Google's proprietary AI software's like a good little slave ala Brave New World."

Keep that in mind, moving forward. :)

comment:4 in reply to:  2 Changed 4 months ago by gk

Resolution: wontfix
Status: reopenedclosed

Replying to goldenchild2:


Please include here any developer(s) that you think might be interested in making this.

I don't know any, I am afraid. (Please leave this bug closed, I already said this is a WONTFIX for the Tor Browser team).

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