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Tor's windows "--service install" should warn if it installs on a global writeable path

Reported by: asn Owned by: ahf
Priority: Medium Milestone: Tor: 0.4.4.x-final
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Seems like there is a platform-specific (windows) configuration-specific (requires multi-user setup, and specific install proceedure) local root exploit on Windows, if "--service install" is used on the wrong directory level.

In the future we should warn if "--service install" is used insecurely, and we should provide installer wizards to do this right.

IMO this is a very unlikely issue so I assigned it to 042, but feel free to move if you think so.

Report inlined:

Title:         When tor.exe is running as a Windows service, it may be subject to privilege escalation
Scope:         None
Weakness:      Privilege Escalation
Severity:      Low
Date:          2019-06-06 18:17:39 +0000
By:            @xiaoyinl

According to, you can run Tor as a Windows service. To install Tor as a service, you run `tor --service install`. However, the installed Tor service uses the same tor.exe image path as the service path. The Tor service runs under `NT authority\local service` account, so if an admin unzips tor.exe into a folder that is writable by non-admin users (e.g. C:\tor), then a malicious standard user can gain LocalService privilege by planting a malicious DLL into the folder where tor.exe is located.

To make things worse, it's common that admins unzip tor.exe into a nonadmin-writable directory, because if it's unzipped into one of the admins' user directories (like Downloads, Documents, etc.), then the service won't even run, because LocalService account has no access to admin's directories. Actually, the OP of "fixed" his problem by unzipping tor into C:\\:

> In fact, if you extract tor files in a Tor folder located in C:\ you probably won't have this problem of permissions

This unfortunately made him vulnerable to privilege escalation.

1. download Tor from
2. unzip it into C:\\tor-win32-
3. Open an admin command prompt, run C:\\tor-win32-\\Tor\\tor.exe --service install
4. Log in a standard Windows user, create a malicious iphlpapi.dll, and copy this file into C:\\tor-win32-\\Tor\\
5. Restart your system. The malicious iphlpapi.dll should run.

To fix this bug, when installed as a service, copy Tor's executable folder into a protected directory, like C:\\Program Files, or C:\\Windows. Then use the protected tor.exe as the service path.

## Impact

A malicious Windows local standard user can gain LocalService privilege. He can then deanonymize Tor traffic, and can interfere other Windows services running on LocalService account.

2019-06-07 10:04:29 +0000: @xiaoyinl (comment)
This report is about local privilege escalation. There is no social engineering involved. The attacker is a **local** non-administrator user, so the attacker can copy the malicious dll file to `C:\tor-win32-\Tor\` himself. Then the attacker can have access to LocalService data files and Registry hives.

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comment:1 Changed 16 months ago by cypherpunks

The Tor service runs under NT authority\local service account, so if an admin unzips tor.exe into a folder that is writable by non-admin users (e.g. C:\tor), then

fire that admin.

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