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Investigate 10-second delay in TTFB

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While looking into OnionPerf data I noticed a 10-second delay in time to first byte. I'll attach an ECDF shortly.

I started hunting down this issue and found that many of these cases (though not all of them) had their stream detached from a circuit and re-attached to another circuit following a 10-second timeout of some sort. The following example shows relevant controller events:

2019-05-05 09:55:00 1557046500.54 650 STREAM 45043 NEW 0 SOURCE_ADDR= PURPOSE=USER
2019-05-05 09:55:00 1557046500.54 650 STREAM 45043 SENTCONNECT 29430
2019-05-05 09:55:00 1557046500.69 650 STREAM_BW 45043 13 2 2019-05-05T08:55:00.682587
                 ^^ <- 10 second delay here
2019-05-05 09:55:10 1557046510.69 650 STREAM 45043 DETACHED 29430 REASON=TIMEOUT
2019-05-05 09:55:10 1557046510.69 650 STREAM 45043 SENTCONNECT 29411
2019-05-05 09:55:11 1557046511.12 650 STREAM 45043 REMAP 29411 SOURCE=EXIT
2019-05-05 09:55:11 1557046511.12 650 STREAM 45043 SUCCEEDED 29411
2019-05-05 09:55:11 1557046511.68 650 STREAM_BW 45043 55 10 2019-05-05T08:55:11.682353
2019-05-05 09:55:12 1557046512.68 650 STREAM_BW 45043 0 637971 2019-05-05T08:55:12.681636
2019-05-05 09:55:13 1557046513.21 650 STREAM_BW 45043 0 410673 2019-05-05T08:55:13.211188
2019-05-05 09:55:13 1557046513.21 650 STREAM 45043 CLOSED 29411 REASON=DONE

1% of measurements seems a lot to me, and I could imagine that these cases are particularly annoying to users. Maybe this timeout could be shorter or made more dynamic like other timeouts.

If the timeout cannot be changed, it would be nice to tell the user that their stream has just been attached to another circuit and that that's why they had to wait for the past 10 seconds.

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Note the steep incline shortly after the 10-second mark:

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This sounds about the rate of bad exit connectivity that arthuredelstein noticed during his scans a year or so ago. IIRC he noticed it for DNS timeouts though. In this case DNS appears not to be involved/at fault.

There are three ways to deal with this:

  1. Continue exit scanning constantly and hassle Exits to help diagnose/fix this.
  2. Test that pre-built Exit circuits can resolve a test domain like (may not handle this case).
  3. Implement an Adaptive Stream Timeout (similar to/based on Circuit Build Timeout) rather than the fixed 10s value.

Option 2 is the only sure shot. There is a trac ticket where we investigated doing adaptive stream timeouts in addition/instead of CBT as part of a Google Summer of Code + Research project. It did not help the general case, but it would help this long tail. I can't find the ticket at the moment, but it is in the performance R&D kanban under the "Develop" column.

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I'm still running the exit scan, at

Two other possible fixes could be:

  1. Relays disabled themselves when something (DNS or other essential feature) is not working. #24014 covers the DNS case.
  2. Continuously run scans and flag broken exits with the BADEXIT flag.
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Type: defecttask

Cleaning up tickets a bit to get a clearer picture of our product backlog. This is not a bug in metrics code, so defect is not the right ticket type. It's rather a task.

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Some data suggesting this is related to exit node congestion is discussed in ticket:33076#comment:23

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