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Rebase and squash mobile/android patches into desktop

Reported by: sysrqb Owned by: tbb-team
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The patches for mobile/android are separate from the patches for desktop. Some of these patches are similar, such as adding a mozconfig and overriding prefs. Now that Android is a first-class supported platform, we can squash some of these patches so we reduce the number of patches we need carry on top of Firefox.

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comment:1 Changed 6 weeks ago by sysrqb

Making a note here:
ed7faf1c2b88cd025596151f2ad97892891965a4 contains:

diff --git a/toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm b/toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm
index 109f1f94e3d3..bc679fb6f9f0 100644
--- a/toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm
+++ b/toolkit/modules/AppConstants.jsm
@@ -387,4 +387,11 @@ this.AppConstants = Object.freeze({
+    true,
+    false,

But TOR_BROWSER_UPDATE is used earlier in 14df73ecfdd88db89f196cecfb934dab7e552969. We should move this code block into the earlier patch.

comment:2 Changed 6 weeks ago by gk

Keywords: TorBrowserTeam201910 tbb-9.0 added
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comment:3 Changed 5 weeks ago by sysrqb

During the 68esr rebase, I squashed the patch for configuring about:tor as the default homepage into the branding patch.

Unfortunately, that patch changes Fennec UI behavior. We shouldn't squash Gecko modifications with Fennec UI modifications. I opened #31983 for the Fennec UI change, so we can break that functionality into a separate patch and prevent the current inconsistency on Android.

comment:4 Changed 4 weeks ago by gk

Okay, tor-browser-68.1.0esr-9.0-3 is a squashed branch that could be used for this ticket. I already started moving commits around, e.g. moving the ones needed for actually building code even before our mozconfig commit.

We should think about more changes that would facilitate bisecting and readability of the branch. E.g. moving the updater/mar signing patches earlier, grouping Mozilla patches that belong together etc.

comment:5 Changed 4 weeks ago by gk

Something we could do while working on this bug, and making the patches less desktop vs. android, is to look for pieces we disabled on desktop but not on mobile, yet we would like to have them actually disabled on both. E.g. comes to mind where we just no build the webcompat extension on desktop but still do so on mobile and include it there.

comment:6 Changed 4 weeks ago by gk

Another thing I am just dropping here to not forget about it: there are a number of securitySettings "fixup" commits we should squash while we are at it.

comment:7 Changed 3 weeks ago by sysrqb

Keywords: TorBrowserTeam201911 tbb-9.5 added; TorBrowserTeam201910 tbb-9.0 removed
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