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Total on "aggregated results" should be total of displayed lines, not total including undisplayed lines

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it shows me a list of ten countries, and at the bottom of the list of 10 countries is a row called "Total" which says, for consensus weight, 99.75%.

But if I add up the 10 numbers in the consensus weight column, they sum to 86.6485%.

So I think the "total" is including the countries that aren't listed on the page. That's surprising to me. I had expected to be learning what fraction of the network was represented by the 10 countries, and then when I switch to seeing 20 countries at a time, I'd see a new total.

(Also, the fact that the totals don't reach 100%, I assume due to rounding, is a separate issue. E.g. the total for the exit probability column is currently 100.10%. We might want to use a few more digits of precision inside the calculations, to make those numbers add up properly.)

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comment:1 Changed 11 months ago by karsten

I see how totals of all lines can be surprising. Though it's also useful information if it's clear enough what it means. And there are also cases where we display aggregated results of a subset of all relays, in which case the total of all results is very useful to know.

Maybe we can have two totals, one for displayed lines and one for all lines?

And of course we should look into the rounding error thing. It's possible that we're providing rounded numbers in Onionoo that don't sum up to 100.00%. In that case we could provide more detail there. Of course, if the rounding happens on the Relay Search side that would be even easier to fix. (Maybe this is a ticket of its own.)

comment:2 Changed 11 months ago by arma

Yep, there are definitely cases where you want to know how much of something there is total. In the above url, it's easy because you can just move the box to say "display 100 of them", and there are only 88, so you get them all.

But for other aggregations, like , there is no way to show all of the entries at once.

Maybe that argues for having "all" be the last option in the "how many" dropdown box? And then if you want to know the total of all of them, you can ask it to display all, and then go look at the total? Or would that blow up browsers on huge lists, like blutmagie does?

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