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DNS at exit should tolerate broken providers (aka "Earthlink")

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Some ISPs have decided that implementing the internet correctly is not so worthwhile
as pointing people towards their advertising. Sadly, some Tor exit server operators
have signed up for these ISPs, and every time they attempt to resolve a nonexistant DNS
entry, they get the IP for the ISP's "oops! let's help you out!" site rather than the
correct error code.

Exit nodes could detect this pretty easily by periodically attempting to lookup a few
guaranteed-to-be-nonexistant domains, and seeing whether they resolve to anything. If
they do, the exit node could

a) switch to using the root nameservers
b) treat any IP returned by such test resolves as equivalent to a "no such domain" error.
c) warn the operator
d) ... ?

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flyspray2trac: bug closed.
I've implemented approach "b" in r8440

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