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#33121 new defect

Deploy sbws in the rest of bwauths

Reported by: juga Owned by:
Priority: High Milestone: sbws: 1.1.x-final
Component: Core Tor/sbws Version: sbws: 1.1.0
Severity: Normal Keywords: sbws-roadmap
Cc: juga Actual Points:
Parent ID: Points: 2
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When we're ready to deploy sbws in all the remaining bwauths (3/6), send an email to the dirauths to start the transition process.

Child Tickets

#29728newDeprecate torflowCore Tor/sbws
#30067closedUpdate sbws' travis config, based on chutney's travis configCore Tor/sbws
#30196closedAdd the tor version to the sbws bandwidth file headerCore Tor/sbws
#30719closedjugaWork out why 90% of sbws measurements failCore Tor/sbws
#30726closedMissing relay keys in bandwidth file specCore Tor/Tor
#30727closedjugaMake sbws vote for all measured relays, even if they are not Running / not in the consensusCore Tor/sbws
#30733closedjugasbws does not detect changes in descriptor bandwidth valuesCore Tor/sbws
#30735closedjugaWork out which relays are ignored by all sbws instancesCore Tor/sbws
#33009closedgksbws bandwidth scans should require a minimum exit bandwidthCore Tor/sbws
#33033closedsbws stuck thinking a destination is deadCore Tor/sbws
#33077newmetrics-teamGraph results from the torflow to sbws transitionMetrics/Analysis
#33199closedFix lint error after merging #30733Core Tor/sbws
#33472needs_reviewDocument that bwauths should checkout stable versions when installing sbws from gitCore Tor/sbws
#33572closedassigneAdd the tor version key to the bandwidth file specificationCore Tor/Tor
#33775newsbws measures some relays 100x lower than TorflowCore Tor/sbws
#33831assignedjugaRelays without descriptors are not scaled, but still added to the bwlines without vote=0Core Tor/sbws
#33832needs_informationgkFor relays that change ip, only the measurements with the last ip are keptCore Tor/sbws
#33947needs_reviewCompare sbws and TorflowCore Tor/sbws
#34309needs_reviewjugaCheck that relay_recent_measurement_attempt_count and relay_recent_priority_list_count are correcCore Tor/sbws
#34393newMaybe vote on the relays that have few or close measurementsCore Tor/sbws
#34394needs_reviewjugaTest net keys expiredCore Tor/sbws

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Summary: Help the remaining bwauths to deploy sbwsDeploy sbws in the rest of bwauths
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