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Prop 311: 4. Ensure Relay and Bridge IPv6 ORPorts are Reachable

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We propose that relays (and bridges) check their own IPv6 ORPort

To check IPv6 ORPort reachability, relays (and bridges) extend circuits via
other relays (but not other bridges), and back to their own IPv6 ORPort.

If IPv6 reachability checks fail, relays (and bridges) should refuse to
publish their descriptors, if they believe IPv6 reachability checks are
reliable, and their IPv6 address was explicitly configured. (See
[Proposal 312: Relay Auto IPv6 Address] for the ways relays can guess their
IPv6 addresses.)

Directory authorities always publish their descriptors.

From Proposal 311, section 4:

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Summary: Prop 311: 4. Check Relay and Bridge IPv6 ORPort ReachabilityProp 311: 4. Ensure Relay and Bridge IPv6 ORPorts are Reachable

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