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[S58] O1.1 - Set up QA and regression test infrastructure

Reported by: pili Owned by: tbb-team
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  • Work with Mozilla to identify if any existing Firefox testing infrastructure can be used to run automated tests on our rebased codebase.
  • Evaluate Firefox tests and Try builds to identify any currently broken functionality.
  • Audit existing Tor Browser tests to identify which tests are missing and need to be written; audit existing Firefox tests to determine which tests need to be disabled because they test undesired behavior in Tor Browser.
  • Configure integration testing infrastructure.
  • Fix existing regression tests that are currently failing after testing and audits.

Child Tickets

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#6585newcypherpunksAutomated testing framework for TBBApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
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#11024assignedtbb-teamHave a TBB test suiteApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#11508assignedtbb-teamTest that about:tor page is properly loadedApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#11509assignedtbb-teamMake sure search engine strings are not translatedApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#11602assignedtbb-teamMake sure HTTPS-Everywhere ships with rulesApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#12479assignedtbb-teamThe testsuite should check that all binaries are strippedApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#13094assignedtbb-teamRecursive DOM Objects enumeration testApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#13180newtbb-teamUse "dns-resolution-request" to check for possible DNS leaks.Applications/Tor Browser
#13676assignedtbb-teamRun unit tests on rebased tor-browser patchesApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#15511assignedtbb-teamAdd a test for the SVG disable preferenceApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
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#16757assignedtbb-teamVerify that new DOM properties are really disabledApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#16758assignedtbb-teamWe need a dom-objects-enumeration test for Workers and SharedWorkersApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#16888newtbb-teamRegression tests for Bug #2950 (Make Permissions Manager memory-only) never failsApplications/Tor Browser
#17662assignedtbb-teamHave a test to check that Tor Browser updater is workingApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#20018assignedtbb-teamAdd support for running tests using schroot in the Tor Browser test suiteApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#20187assignedtbb-teamAdd a test to check that Referrer spoofing on .onions domains is workingApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#20443assignedtbb-teamTor Browser testsuite bundle improvementsApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#21248assignedtbb-teamWrite security slider tests for javascript: URLsApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#21404assignedtbb-teamRun the Tor Browser testsuite on rbm based nightly buildsApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#22058newcypherpunksProvide better testing for Tor Browser not breaking important websites (Twitter/Github etc.)Applications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#22854assignedtbb-teamFix the setup of the Tor Browser testsuite on our Windows test serverApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#23238assignedtbb-teamUsing Application Verifier Within Your Software Development LifecycleApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#23386assignedtbb-teamRun Tor Browser testsuite on our Windows QA machineApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#23600newcypherpunksMake sure the Windows DLL blocklist is loadedApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#26917newtbb-teamUpdate QA and Testing content on our HACKING documentApplications/Tor Browser
#27105needs_reviewacatFix Tor Browser testsuiteApplications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#30832needs_reviewacatFix tor-browser tbb-testsApplications/Tor Browser
#32537newtbb-teamUpdate marionette version used in tor browser testsuite, for ESR78Applications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#33288newcypherpunksforrestii/fpcentral still has stretch packages (mongodb)Applications/Quality Assurance and Testing
#33791newtbb-teamEvaluate Firefox testsApplications/Tor Browser

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