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gettor should automatically include bridges in its answer

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If somebody gettors from their gmail address, we should go to bridgedb and fetch the bridges they would have gotten, and include them in the text we mail back.

To finish this ticket we'll need to reenable dkim checking on gettor mails (which is part of #3381), but we'll also need to come up with some sort of secure way to ask bridgedb for its answer.

I expect that second step to be messy, so marking this ticket 'minor' priority.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this feature yet. FWIW, we did just recently change the body GetTor links requests to include information on how to request bridges in #23226:

Step 3: Get Bridges (Optional)

	If you believe that Tor is blocked where you are, you can use bridges to connect
	to Tor.  Bridges are hidden Tor relays that can circumvent censorship.
	Tor Browser includes a list of built-in bridges, which you should  try first.
	You can activate built-in bridges inside of Tor Browser's settings, under the
	"Tor" menu.  If built-in bridges don't work, try requesting different bridges,
	which you can also do in the "Tor" menu inside Tor Browser's settings.

I'll leave this open, but keeping it at low priority for now and decoupling from #9036.

comment:7 Changed 7 months ago by arma

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I don't feel strongly about this one. It's a user flow design question so I'm tagging it as ux-team. If we want to close the ticket because we've assessed it and decided not to do it, sounds good. If we decide it's a good idea and we want to do it, that sounds fine too. :)

One minor argument against: there are plenty of places where you can't download Tor Browser, but Tor Browser runs just fine. That is, for many of the people who use gettor, they won't need bridges, so giving them bridges by default will be confusing at best and maybe even harmful because it could push people toward thinking they need bridges when they don't.

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No more Q1 for 2020.

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