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Simplify some costly Tor functions (by profile)

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mo attached a few profiles to #7572, from a fast host with aesni The top functions overall are are:

44222784  8.0379       sha1_block_data_order_avx
39059344  7.0994  nf_conntrack             nf_conntrack             /nf_conntrack
35552271  6.4620       bn_sqr4x_mont
31025085  5.6391       aesni_cbc_sha1_enc_avx
17425081  3.1672  tor                      tor                      circuit_get_by_rend_token_and_purpose.constprop.11
17185351  3.1236                /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
15106522  2.7458  tor                      tor                      circuit_unlink_all_from_channel
13422467  2.4397    /usr/lib/
9045536   1.6441       bn_mul4x_mont_gather5
8295787   1.5078       aesni_ctr32_encrypt_blocks
7454822   1.3550  e1000e                   e1000e                   /e1000e
6667075   1.2118  tor                      tor                      circuitmux_find_map_entry

And the top functions, considering Tor only, are:

17545411 13.9182  circuitlist.c:1116          tor                      circuit_get_by_rend_token_and_purpose.constprop.11
15232931 12.0838  circuitlist.c:1028          tor                      circuit_unlink_all_from_channel
6729424   5.3382  circuitmux.c:698            tor                      circuitmux_find_map_entry
3802661   3.0165  buffers.c:2468              tor                      assert_buf_ok
3344356   2.6530  circuitlist.c:980           tor                      circuit_get_by_circid_channel
3217962   2.5527  relay.c:2094                tor                      channel_flush_from_first_active_circuit
2927776   2.3225  buffers.c:520               tor                      buf_datalen
2367670   1.8782  connection.c:2512           tor                      connection_bucket_refill
2210529   1.7535  connection.c:2824           tor                      connection_handle_read
2200952   1.7459  relay.c:168                 tor                      circuit_receive_relay_cell
2095244   1.6621  container.c:167             tor                      smartlist_isin
1618112   1.2836  crypto.c:1364               tor                      crypto_cipher_crypt_inplace

The crypto's about what we'd expect, but it could be helpful to see if we can optimize some of the remaining Tor things. In particular:

  • circuit_get_by_rend_token_and_purpose should have a map backing it; it appears that this might be one of those costly linear searches.
  • I wonder if circuit_unlink_all_from_channel could be taught to walk a list of circuits on the channel rather than the list of all circuits.
  • I don't see a good way to make circuitmux_find_map_entry faster without tweaking data structures.
  • assert_buf_ok(), we can call less.
  • circuit_get_by_circid_channel would also need data structure impreovements.
  • buf_datalen() should just be made into an inline function.

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#7764closedReimplement circuit_get_by_rend_token_and_purpose with an associative arrayCore Tor/Tor

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Replying to nickm (#7572):

Heck yeah! Could you tell me as much as possible about which version of Tor they were made with, built how, using which versions of openssl and libevent, built how?

Tor (git-6fd93dcf3fbabe2b) -- from experimental deb repo
OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 2012 -- 1.0.1-4ubuntu3 amd64 from Ubuntu repo

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by nickm

Milestone: Tor: 0.2.4.x-finalTor: 0.2.5.x-final

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Closing as no longer relevant, though see #9683 and #9841; adding a new ticket to get a newer profile.

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