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Explicitly figure out handling of internationalized domain names

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We should explicitly figure out and document how HTTPS Everywhere works with internationalized domain names (IDN), and make sure that it actually works according to the documented behavior. Do you write rules using UTF-8 internationalized names, punycode-encoded names, or neither? Do the rules actually trigger and rewrite correctly?

A potential problem about this was reported at

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by mikkoharhanen

I created rulesets for unused domain 'ä.fi'. In these rulesets, the letter a-umlaut (ä) was created with the following methods:

  • html entities
  • punycodes
  • UTF-8 characters
  • ISO-8859-15 characters

The test URL reveals the rules 'from' and 'to' fields. For example, with the URL 'http://ä.fi/entity-to-puny/' the from field uses html entities and to field uses punycodes to indicate a-umlaut. If the rule works, the address should be redirected to https.

a-uni.xml (file encoding: UTF-8)

[[Typed URL]]			[[Resulted URL]]
http://ä.fi/entity-to-entity/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-entity/
http://ä.fi/entity-to-puny/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-puny/
http://ä.fi/entity-to-uni/	--> [FAIL] https://ã¤.fi/entity-to-uni/

http://ä.fi/puny-to-puny/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-puny/
http://ä.fi/puny-to-entity/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-entity/
http://ä.fi/puny-to-uni/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-uni/

http://ä.fi/uni-to-uni/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/uni-to-uni/
http://ä.fi/uni-to-entity/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/uni-to-entity/
http://ä.fi/uni-to-puny/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/uni-to-puny/
[[Typed URL]]				[[Resulted URL]]
http://ä.fi/entity-to-entity/	--> [FAIL] http://www.&.com/#228;.fi/entity-to-entity/
http://ä.fi/entity-to-puny/	--> [FAIL] http://www.&.com/#228;.fi/entity-to-puny/
http://ä.fi/entity-to-uni/		--> [FAIL] http://www.&.com/#228;.fi/entity-to-uni/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-entity/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-puny/	--> [FAIL] https://ã¤.fi/entity-to-uni/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-puny/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-entity/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-uni/

http://ã¤.fi/uni-to-uni/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ã¤.fi/uni-to-uni/
http://ã¤.fi/uni-to-entity/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ã¤.fi/uni-to-entity/
http://ã¤.fi/uni-to-puny/		--> [FAIL] http://www.ã¤.fi/uni-to-puny/


a-latin.xml (file encoding: ISO-8859-15)

[[Typed URL]]			[[Resulted URL]]
http://ä.fi/latin-to-latin/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/latin-to-latin/
http://ä.fi/latin-to-entity/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/latin-to-entity/
http://ä.fi/latin-to-puny/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/latin-to-puny/

http://ä.fi/entity-to-latin/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-latin/
http://ä.fi/puny-to-latin/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-latin/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/latin-to-latin/	--> [OK] https://ä.fi/entity-to-latin/	--> [FAIL] http://www.ä.fi/puny-to-latin/


  • HTML entities always work
  • Latin1 characters always work
  • Unicode characters never work
  • Puny-codes work in output ('to') fields but not in input ('from') fields
  • Firefox converts punycodes before HTTPS Everywhere has the opportunity to redirect them

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