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Session Restore isn't working under Ff 3.0.3/Tb 1.2.0

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... it seems my issue is directly related to the Torbutton state (FYI - 'Reported Version' options here need updating, I am actually using the 30JUL08 1.2.0 version release) ... if Tor is disabled on Ff 3.0.3 shutdown, tabs from last time are preserved and loaded ... if the Torbutton is left in the enabled state on Ff shutdown, on Ff re-start, only a blank Ff window displays.

I have studied: โ€‹ to see what Torbutton > Options > Security Settings > ... I have configured wrong (if any - I have yet to spot the error of my ways) and I am now wondering if what I'm trying to do has been made impossible by design?

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by d-man97

...This comment field doesn't save my text after accidently hitting Back, then Forward.......STUPID!!!

Check Prefs > Sec. Settings > Startup.

There is no option to restore via both (tor & non-tor).
You have to choose. By default, it will only restore non-tor pages, and forget about the tor pages.

As far as I am concerned, this is not a bug and works exactly as I expected it to.

Try this:
Normal startup: Shutdown state
Restore via: Tor
Uncheck both Prevent boxes.

And see if it works how you expected.
However, firefox should not crash, so I guess you have to kill it to test? (not very nice)

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by Frankenstien

So ... with Ff 3.0.3 on Vista Business SP1, using Privoxy 3.0.6, Vidalia 0.1.9, Tor (r16744) and Torbutton 1.2.0 (30JUL08) (FYI - I already had my Torbutton Preferences > Security Settings > Startup settings configured as d-man97 suggests trying in his comment - Session Restore continues to fail with Tor Enabled on Ff shutdown) ...

... I'm trying to have Session Restore restore my Tor pages when I start Ff ('Tor Enabled' surfing is my primary and usually only reason to use Ff - I have a set of 4 or more pages that I always want to check on anonymously [IP-wise] but I do allow cookies from these sites, which are typically user-only forums) and d-man97's saying that this cannot happen now ... by design.

It's not the end of the world really, because, I can manually reload the pages by using the Ff 'Most Visited' button (and then go through login again for each independent forum site - which I'm totally OK with as the history trail needs to be broken for each session) ... but is is an inconvenience ... that is a development of a recent nature. FFF

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by Frankenstien

P.S. I don't like how this Comment interface requires the user to anticipate entering carriage returns

in order to create a block of text that doesn't require horizontal scrolling ... just my two cents worth ...

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by d-man97

I agree with the carriage

Do you mean crash recovery (aka session restore) or do you mean tab restore (where you close ff, hit save & quit)?
If it's tab restore, then I firmly believe it is broken. See โ€‹

As a work-around, have you tried telling torbutton to start in tor state, and set the 4 pages as your homepages?

comment:5 Changed 12 years ago by d-man97

Whoops, meant to say this too:
Since Firefox uses History to restore saved tabs, if under Torbutton Prefs > History you don't allow writes, then it will never remember the tor pages that were opened. (I'm pretty sure this is how it works.)

comment:6 Changed 12 years ago by Frankenstien

d-man97 ... I guess I'm really talking about Tab Restore, ie. a normal user-initiated shutdown/closeout of Ff and then

a normal restart of Ff ... (sorry to mislead all concerned) ...

BTW d-man97 .. for Tab Restore, you talk about "close ff, hit save & quit)" ... for 'Close', are you using File > Exit,

or, the red 'X' in the Ff title bar? And, at what point and for what reason are you hitting 'Save' & 'Quit'?

Anyways, thanks for the link to the Tab Restore thread ... I have yet to read through and digest it ...

... and yes, I have 'Block history writes during Tor' disabled (no check mark) ... thanks for that tho'. FFF

comment:7 Changed 12 years ago by d-man97

Close: Any way other than killing the process. Hitting the X, or File > Quit/Exit both work the same in my experience.

Save & Quit: If you do not have "When Firefox starts:" set to "Show my windows & tabs from last time" you have to
explicitly tell Firefox to remember the tabs. On the other hand. if it IS set, then it automatically saves and you do
not have to hit the button I was talking about.

Sounds like you are having the same problem as me, in that thread. The thread is about restoring non-tor windows, but
it seems as though the core problem is the same.

Hmmm...maybe it has to read the tor history to restore tor sessions? But then why would my non-tor pages, that are allowed to read and write to History, not work?

Since you and I are having the same problem, with different variations of read/write tor/non-tor history. It really
seems like there is something broken.

I had Firefox setup perfectly to allow saved tabs, then when I re-enabled Torbutton, it was broken again. :/

BTW: I am running Ubuntu Linux, so some methods to bring up dialogs/etc. will be different, but the core functionality
is the same.

comment:8 Changed 12 years ago by Frankenstien

Hey d-man97 ... life got in the way there for a bit ... I think we are on the same page ... so to speak ... I will comment to your thread / bug report to give it a bump and get on the notification list ... FFF

comment:9 Changed 12 years ago by Frankenstien

damn that missing carriage return ...

comment:10 Changed 11 years ago by mikeperry

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